The Players

Wander: Wander is the mommy. She does all things motherly even if I don’t want her to. She’s pretty cool and I ❤ her to pieces, most days. Oh P.S. she also sings on the choir, Praise Him!

The Man Wander Married: So I think this is self explanatory but if it isn’t that would be my dad. He’s a sack and we will just leave it like that.

The Little Brother: The Little Brother is my fave guy in the world. He’s one of the few people I trust and he’s probably one of my best friends even though we’re related. We share a special bond from growing up with loonies for parents. We also share an apartment.

The Little Sister: The Little Sister is kick ass junior in college at UVM. She’s also quite possibly the most spoiled person I know but I love her just the same. And it seems every summer my apartment is her apartment.

The Best Friend: We’ve been amigas since high school. Yeah it’s going on close to 14 years I’ve know this chick….it might be time to exchange her for a new model…I kid I kid. Outside of my brother and sister she’s probably the one person who’s thisclose to me. Oh and she gave birth to my bad ass Godson so I gotta love her like a sister.

Nurse Friend: I met Nurse Friend through the Best Friend and we’ve become thick as thieves. Ever since meeting her goodness 10 years ago we’ve spent every New Years together besides that one year when she dissed us for some penis but that’s a whole other story.

Male Nurse Friend: What can I say about this lunatic….he’s probably my closest guy friend in the world! He knows more about me than any other guy besides The Little Brother. Oh and he’s lived pretty much everywhere and done everything. Right now he’s a nurse but tomorrow he might a park ranger…you just never know. One must not forget his killer fashion sense.

Model Friend: On occasion you will hear about this diva. She recently moved to LA to be with all the gorgeous people, of which she is one. Her boyfriend or should I say husband to be is a screenwriter and she is a fashionista, quite the pair if I do say so myself.

2 Responses to “The Players”
  1. Michelle Sharpe Oden says:

    I love your blog, Faith! (This is Michelle Sharpe Oden–2nd cousin).

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