Yoga Is Practical – Getting Into My Dancer’s Pose and Embracing Radical Honesty

As most of you already know yoga has become a large part of my outside of work life. For hashishes and giggles I’m thinking about adding an additional day to my regime. This past week my instructor introduced the dancer’s pose or natarajasana, what a mouthful. <—- That’s what she said, sorry I couldn’t resist! … Continue reading

Yoga is Practical – Where They Do That At

Sometimes during yoga class I have what the fluck moments. This usually has something to do with the asana the instructor’s suggesting defying gravity. Or more accurately defies what I think is humanly possible for my body. Before each session I recite I think I can mantras trying to push myself a little further than … Continue reading

Yoga is Practical – Breaking Out The Habit

This past Monday a Nazi filled in for my yoga instructor. By the end of the class I’d lost count of the number of vinyasas, we’d completed. Our normal five counts morphed to thirty-five counts and I felt a little wobbly about my arms and legs. I expected some tightness the following morning. Luckily this … Continue reading

Yoga is Practical – The Balancing Act of a Quasi Superwoman

Typically for beginners, balancing asanas are extremely challenging. Knowing this and my clumsiness propensity, when I started yoga, I envisioned a lot of falling in my future. Considering it’s a struggle to sometimes stay upright and in posture with two feet firmly planted on the ground the notion of standing on one sort of frightened … Continue reading