Monday Ranting: Philly Philly….Philly Where I Am From…

If anyone is confused I hail from the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. I bleed Eagles green and I moderately go hard in the paint for the Sixers. After a detachment from the game of basketball following some minor health complications I can’t support them with as much fervor as I have in … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: No Country for Emoting Men

This past week I had the pleasure of kicking the actual factuals with The Best & Model Friend. Although the conversations were different in format, their content boiled down to men, or in these cases men and their outward displays of bish-arse-ness. Don’t shoot the messenger. The Best Friend theorizes that the rise in women … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Sternly Worded Letter for Miley Cyrus

As a rule of thumb I skip award shows because I find them less than entertaining. None of my selected artists make it to the stage for acceptance speeches so I just pass. Maybe I’m being a sore loser, yo no se! Well the most recent MTV Video Music Awards solidified my decision to avoid … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: “African Queen” Editorial Reflections SMDH

By now most of you are aware of the shyt storm started by Numero magazine’s editorial photo spread labeled “African Queen” where a 16 year old white chick from North Carolina posed in bronze face portraying what I guess someone thinks is a black woman. One wonders if this is the politically correct version of … Continue reading