Monday Ranting: Pay Inequality and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

{Editors note – I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and never posted, forgive me.} Over the past week my newsfeed flooded with stories about striking McDonalds’ workers. Under normal circumstances fast food would not be a topic of my daily actual factuals. Not because I refuse to dabble in ratchet foodstuffs but mostly … Continue reading

Book of Questions Friday: Everyone’s in His Birthday Suit

Friday’s Question, from the Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PH.D., is question #12. When you meet people do you ever imagine what they look like naked or what they are like sexually? How would you feel if you knew someone were musing about you in this way? Is this a trick … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: Playing Catch Up

Of late I’ve been so consumed with life that I haven’t placed my full energy into blogging. I scrapped no less than 20 unfit postings because they felt stale, uninspired and/or downright craptastic. My apologies and many thanks to all the folk who reached out to find out if I was ok. I thoroughly appreciated … Continue reading

Maybe I Look White

Somehow my blog took a curve down a lane I rarely if ever drive, posting about race relations. Since Monday and Wednesday’s entries tainted my race-free environment I might as well finish the week how it started to get it out of my system. Yesterday my slightly beyond middle aged co-worker, you know the one … Continue reading