Monday Ranting: Playing Catch Up

Of late I’ve been so consumed with life that I haven’t placed my full energy into blogging. I scrapped no less than 20 unfit postings because they felt stale, uninspired and/or downright craptastic. My apologies and many thanks to all the folk who reached out to find out if I was ok. I thoroughly appreciated … Continue reading

Book of Questions Friday: Trust is it Earned? Or Given?

Friday’s Question from the Book of Question: Love & Sex #2, At the beginning of a relationship, do you trust your new partner unless there is something specific to make you do otherwise, or do withhold your trust until he or she has earned it? No big surprise here I’m not the most trusting person. … Continue reading

Monday Ranting/Blog Challenge Post 2: Let Me Clear My Throat

…some of y’all might know this and some of y’all don’t. Some of y’all might be with this and some of y’all won’t! But listen, let me clear my throat…ah huh, ah huh aaaaahhhh Gawt Damn! LOL when I thought about posting ten things I’d like to say to ten people this DJ Kool song … Continue reading

Hashish My Brother Says – I Agree Deport His Dumb Ass

So I would first like to apologize to my faithful readers because I’ve been an absentee momma. In my defense The Little Sister graduated this past weekend and I had to devote all my time and attention to that very important day for her. In her honor I’ve changed my gravatar. Look to your right, … Continue reading