Pop Culture Fridays: Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe…

Yesterday while innawebs strolling (it’s cold as a mutha-effer out of doors) I happened upon an article on Madame Noire about Ludacris and his wayward peen. The post itself was just ok and the comment section was basically more of the same, complaints about men keeping their johnsons home. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful life? … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: Philly Philly….Philly Where I Am From…

If anyone is confused I hail from the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. I bleed Eagles green and I moderately go hard in the paint for the Sixers. After a detachment from the game of basketball following some minor health complications I can’t support them with as much fervor as I have in … Continue reading

It’s My House & I Live Here Fridays: Moving is Hard Work

Believe it or not the packing of it all was the easiest part of joining forces with My Present. Up to the final walk thru I wasn’t excited. Let me rephrase I was anxious wondering about the possibilities of co-habitation but never the butterflies in the stomach excitement expected when making the move of a … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: No Country for Emoting Men

This past week I had the pleasure of kicking the actual factuals with The Best & Model Friend. Although the conversations were different in format, their content boiled down to men, or in these cases men and their outward displays of bish-arse-ness. Don’t shoot the messenger. The Best Friend theorizes that the rise in women … Continue reading