Monday Ranting: Death Be a Lace Front

I’m not a woman for the Yaki. In my life, I’ve had two weaves that I can remember. Neither of which lasted more than a week. Each looked like a less attractive version of my own hair, in my mind pointless. I’m hair vain. I’m that girl, the one who checks her reflection in anything … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: Age Is Definitely More Than a Number

Whether you sit firmly on the Mia Farrow or the Woody Allen side of the fence you must admit each produced enough doubt to make you question the other. Honestly no one but Woody Allen and his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, really know the truth. There are no winners in this tomfoolery; of this I’m … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: #disn*gga – Intentions & Double Standards

Over the past few weeks a couple of things happened. I watched The Butler, read an unsettling article about Madge, and joined a FB discussion all of which somehow or another circled around the N word. A week or so ago Madonna’s tightly botoxed face catapulted to the top of my newsfeed due to a … Continue reading

Pop Culture Fridays: Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe…

Yesterday while innawebs strolling (it’s cold as a mutha-effer out of doors) I happened upon an article on Madame Noire about Ludacris and his wayward peen. The post itself was just ok and the comment section was basically more of the same, complaints about men keeping their johnsons home. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful life? … Continue reading