Book of Questions Friday: Do Children Change the Face of a Relationship?

Writers Note: So faithful readers I’m starting new blogs series here on Snarkyasiwant2b. Not for any particular reason besides it’s my place and I live here. As normal Monday will continue to be rants with atmosphere, Wednesday is transforming from Hashish My Brother Says to Pop Culture Wednesday and Friday is moving from Yoga is … Continue reading

Dating & Mating: The Good Girl Haphazard Hoe Dynamic

As a single chica out here in these Illadelphian streets I’m always way curious about the dating and mating practices of my cohorts. I enjoy kicking the dating actual factuals. It’s just good conversation all around especially if you engage the ear and mind of intelligent folk. Over the past couple of weeks I had … Continue reading

Blog Challenge Post 9: Sometimes I Get Scared…

Despite my ultra kool kid demeanor with a touch of nonchalance there are a couple of men-folk that frighten me to the core. My dudes at Wikipedia define fear as a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat. As a result of said negative sensation one typically fights or flees. Run Forrest Run! Normally … Continue reading

Monday Ranting – Is Monogamy A Joke?

Follow my blog with bloglovin Of late I’ve been staying up to catch the shenanigans over at VSB. The blog is very well written and takes a sometimes comical approach to men, women and this thing we call love and relationships. New posts arrive promptly at the stroke of 12AM and then the magic happens. … Continue reading