Monday Ranting: I Love You More – Giving Up All The Hoes for You!

One thing My Present says to me a lot is I love you more. If I’m being honest I’m sometimes simultaneously jealous and uncomfortable that he believes and is vulnerable enough to say this to me. Verbal emoticon expression isn’t one of my strengths…blame my childhood. I am working on it. The other night on our way home from our friend’s baby dedication (because 30+) we went down this lovey-dovey road. It’s a path often traveled and it makes me feel good on the inside. Don’t tell My Present because I’m hard! The point, I told him there was no way for him to truly know that he loves me more. And he said of course he did because he gave up all those other hoes for me. Love emojis eviscerated.

Also I am not a hoe but we can discuss his misuse of nouns a little later.

My internal conversation said what hoes Paco Kinte (PK)? (I started calling My Present this after finding out he’s 1/48th Mexican. He is also somewhat of a light skint militant ala Huey Newton) Clearly PK’s perception of his pimp hand far outreaches his actual game.

Family Fridays: Do You Love My Mommy?

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It’s My House & I Live Here Fridays: Moving is Hard Work

Believe it or not the packing of it all was the easiest part of joining forces with My Present. Up to the final walk thru I wasn’t excited. Let me rephrase I was anxious wondering about the possibilities of co-habitation but never the butterflies in the stomach excitement expected when making the move of a … Continue reading

It’s My House and I Live Here Fridays: Testing the Waters

Somewhere it says going on vacation for the first time with your significant other tests the relationship waters much like living together, shacking being the new marriage and all. Maybe the trip mirrors co-hab-ing in some odd way, me no know. For some strange reason my Present and I jumped head first into the deep … Continue reading