Pop Culture Wednesday: Super Bowl at the Beyonce Concert…My Thoughts on the Thundergoat

Let me go on the record now I neither Stan for nor Hate on Beyonce. Shocking considering she’s such the polarizing figure. Given her lack of a true personality, no shade but she appears vapid and extremely dull in real life, I find her polarization hard to understand but whateves. Stans got their life as … Continue reading

Pop Culture WednesdayFriday: Kimye Having a Baby…Starting Off 2013 w/a Bang!

Sooooooo hell must have frozen over and little imp-like minions are ice skating with Lucifer. Well not really but you know something has to be off kilter if The Vain One, Kanye West knocked up Kim Kardashian. Well not really because honestly as much as we would like to not admit it, Kanye and Kim … Continue reading

Monday Ranting: The Heaux Within…

Ratchet music is the high school drop out of the music industry. They are the songs that got pregnant after prom and watched their dreams shrivel and disappear. Sad? Sad! No surprise to you reglahs I’m sort of a connoisseur of rat of the hood classics. While I listen to all types of music from … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Jay-Z Sings Glory and The Crowds Go Crazy

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t mention that Bey, the queen of slaying bargain bin bishes, and Jay, the world’s most famous camel second only to Joe Cool, had a baby. They named their princess, Blue Ivy Carter, clearly pointing to their use of the coloreds that read good naming almanac. During the … Continue reading