Random Iskabibbles -A Presidential Election – Foolafucooniggatry Edition

This year or so in politics confirmed my feelings about the US – there are idiots among us. My verklempt levels are uber high. How could you blame me with half of the nation (45% is close enough to half ) losing their ever-loving minds by supporting a pig in a wig, Donald Trump. Well technically he’s not a pig nor does he wear a wig but you’re drifting with me.

Blog Challenge 13: Women are Shallow…News Flash So Are Men!

On Wednesday I kicked the actual factuals with a homie over gchat after changing my status to say something like chicks are drama queens women are too effing emotional. Despite my proud card-carrying membership on team ovaries I concede that Drama her sex is female, at least most of the time. This has more to … Continue reading

Hashish My Brother Says – Sheeeeeed I’d Do It For $50

From time to time when my friends and I get bored we play the game, would you perform X for X dollars. Besides coming up with nutrageous scenarios you learn some interesting things about the people with whom you keep company. Friendships have been broken over the game, ask The Best Friend about Granny Panties. … Continue reading