Pop Culture Wednesday: Why Am I Watching Roundball Ratchets LA – Ep 9 & 10

First, don’t judge me. For reasons unknown to even myself I have haphazardly been keeping up with Basketball Wives LA. Remember I said not to judge. Any who yesterday I actually took time from my life space, time I will never get back, to watch episodes 9 & 10. Dear God make me a bird … Continue reading

Monday Ranting & Pop Culture Wednesdays: 2012 is a Year of Debauchery: Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion Ep 1 Review

Lovelies, Lovelies, Lovelies this year is the coming of Beelzebub. I have no other way to explain it besides saying that Satan walks and his lure is reality television. Monday night I took in everything that is ratchet and wrong with life in a short hour program and shamefully I loved each and every minute … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday – A Heaux in a Dress is Still a Heaux Love & Hip Hop ATL Season Finale Review

Monday night was a sad night. Mostly because the tomfuckery that turned Monday to Funday is coming to an end. VH1 will replace the shenanigans of ATL with the festivities of LA. Now we know Basketball Hoes Wives LA does not bring the fire! But one thing is for sure, heauxs cannot and will not … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Shenanigans, Tomfuckery, and Hoopla: Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 8 Review

What didn’t happen on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL? Lovelies these folk are showing their entire ARSES for the free world and it’s giving me life. Mona Scott-Young served the kids a load of hood rat antics ripe with shenanigans, tomfuckery, and hoopla. iCan’t with Mona Scott-Young and her rag tag band … Continue reading