Pop Culture Wednesday: Shenanigans, Tomf*ckery, and Emo Dudes with No Friends!

I’ve mentioned a time or two that emoting men aren’t my twist. They aren’t. I can’t STAN for men who possess overt levels of bish-arse-ness. It’s bad for my complexion. When I see men behaving poorly, all across social media while entertaining (I love a drama-ridden hoodfantabulous story like anyone else) I cry thug tears … Continue reading

Pop Culture WednesdayFriday: Kimye Having a Baby…Starting Off 2013 w/a Bang!

Sooooooo hell must have frozen over and little imp-like minions are ice skating with Lucifer. Well not really but you know something has to be off kilter if The Vain One, Kanye West knocked up Kim Kardashian. Well not really because honestly as much as we would like to not admit it, Kanye and Kim … Continue reading