Random Iskabibbles -A Presidential Election – Foolafucooniggatry Edition

This year or so in politics confirmed my feelings about the US – there are idiots among us. My verklempt levels are uber high. How could you blame me with half of the nation (45% is close enough to half ) losing their ever-loving minds by supporting a pig in a wig, Donald Trump. Well technically he’s not a pig nor does he wear a wig but you’re drifting with me.


Monday Ranting: Pay Inequality and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

{Editors note – I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and never posted, forgive me.} Over the past week my newsfeed flooded with stories about striking McDonalds’ workers. Under normal circumstances fast food would not be a topic of my daily actual factuals. Not because I refuse to dabble in ratchet foodstuffs but mostly … Continue reading

My Thoughts on Trayvon Martin

It wasn’t until late last week that I stumbled upon the Trayvon Martin case. Anger welled in my chest and I had a feeling of deep deep sadness. It forced me back to a summer night when The Little Brother (TLB) was ripped from the backseat of my car for no other reason besides being … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil…

It should come as no surprise to anyone within a flea’s sneeze of a television, computer, or radio that Penn State has recently come under fire. Rightfully but under fire no less for the role some staff played in a sexual predator’s shenanigans. The story is scandalous in an icky nasty about the skin type … Continue reading