Family Fridays: Do You Love My Mommy?

It’s normal to hear about baby momma drama and deadbeat dads. The innawebs runneth over with stories about folk subscribing to the foolafucooniggatry (shout out to Rox for this fantabulous word) that exists in these two positions. What people rarely hear about are the people who date “baby mommas” and “deadbeat dads.” Don’t get my … Continue reading

Yoga is Practical – The Balancing Act of a Quasi Superwoman

Typically for beginners, balancing asanas are extremely challenging. Knowing this and my clumsiness propensity, when I started yoga, I envisioned a lot of falling in my future. Considering it’s a struggle to sometimes stay upright and in posture with two feet firmly planted on the ground the notion of standing on one sort of frightened … Continue reading