Monday Ranting: An Epidemic of Side Chicks

Over the past few years I’ve noticed behavior and phraseology that agitates my colon. Everywhere I turn its side chick this and side chick that…when did being a side chick of any kind become the bees knees? I’m concerned and confused! It doesn’t surprise me that menfolk want their cake and eat it too but … Continue reading

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is…

I’m back almost like I never left Lovelies breathing new life into my little blog that could. Well sorta kinda like I never left. I’m challenging myself to get back into the habit of writing. Writers block is a double edge sword of viciousness. My intension has always been to post 3 times per week, … Continue reading

Blog Challenge Post 1: Recent Picture of Me and 15 Random Facts

Lately I’ve been in a mood.  Not in a bad mood per se but a coming into my own mood.  Recently I let go of some people that were weighing my life space down and even some things that were of non importance, basically unrecognized low hanging fruit.  It’s been a magical experience for me.  … Continue reading