Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is…

I’m back almost like I never left Lovelies breathing new life into my little blog that could. Well sorta kinda like I never left. I’m challenging myself to get back into the habit of writing. Writers block is a double edge sword of viciousness. My intension has always been to post 3 times per week, … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Sternly Worded Letter for Miley Cyrus

As a rule of thumb I skip award shows because I find them less than entertaining. None of my selected artists make it to the stage for acceptance speeches so I just pass. Maybe I’m being a sore loser, yo no se! Well the most recent MTV Video Music Awards solidified my decision to avoid … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Super Bowl at the Beyonce Concert…My Thoughts on the Thundergoat

Let me go on the record now I neither Stan for nor Hate on Beyonce. Shocking considering she’s such the polarizing figure. Given her lack of a true personality, no shade but she appears vapid and extremely dull in real life, I find her polarization hard to understand but whateves. Stans got their life as … Continue reading