Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is…

I’m back almost like I never left Lovelies breathing new life into my little blog that could. Well sorta kinda like I never left. I’m challenging myself to get back into the habit of writing. Writers block is a double edge sword of viciousness. My intension has always been to post 3 times per week, … Continue reading

Blog Challenge Post 16: These Are My Confessions….

“…Got me talking to myself asking how I’m, going to tell you about that chick on part 1 I told y’all I was creeping with said she’s 3 months pregnant and she’s keeping it…” Rewind, did ole boy just say that he’s been cheating on you and the ratchet heaux is preggers? That’s foul! But … Continue reading

Blog Challenge Post 15: The Nickname Game

Unlike a lot of folk I don’t have a name that’s easily shortened into something fantabulous. This works for me. I prefer people to speak to me using the moniker bestowed by my parental units. It’s sentimental and hashish and not for nothing, it suits me. Many have tried and failed at shortening Faith to … Continue reading

Blog Challenge Post 14: Unsolicited Letter to Bishop Eddie Long

Not one to take credit where credit isn’t due I must give much love, peace and hair grease kudos to Luvvie for turning me onto the idea of a sternly worded letter. Her most recent gem full of mayhem, foolishness and good ole fashion Christian love was written to Lauryn “Rohan’s Playthang” Hill. I will … Continue reading