Hashish My Brother Says – Y’all Know How to Blow Up a Spot…

For reasons I can’t fully understand, mostly because my brother and I look like opposite sex twins, people confuse us for a couple. Maybe it’s because we’re together a lot and laughing appearing happy couple like that people mistake us for being together. It makes me feel nasty inside my skin! It’s also quite funny … Continue reading

Hashish My Brother Says – I Agree Deport His Dumb Ass

So I would first like to apologize to my faithful readers because I’ve been an absentee momma. In my defense The Little Sister graduated this past weekend and I had to devote all my time and attention to that very important day for her. In her honor I’ve changed my gravatar. Look to your right, … Continue reading

Hashish My Brother Says – Open Up the Window and Let The Bird Fly In…

There’s a running trend around my blog, readership spikes for Wednesday shenanigans also known as hashish my brother says. I’m starting to think you like him more than me. There’s no jealousy but know that he’s not nearly as personable as I make him seem…I kid I kid he really is quite the character. Just … Continue reading

Hashish My Brother Says – I’m In My Grown Man Bag

My brother has witnessed a phenomenon the past few months. Women of all sorts have been showing him extra love. Just yesterday some hoodrat named Foxxie (note the spelling) threw her panties at him and asked to feel his cultivated locks (he’d be a bit miffed if I called them dreads). OK I was exaggerating … Continue reading