Monday Ranting: An Epidemic of Side Chicks

Over the past few years I’ve noticed behavior and phraseology that agitates my colon. Everywhere I turn its side chick this and side chick that…when did being a side chick of any kind become the bees knees? I’m concerned and confused! It doesn’t surprise me that menfolk want their cake and eat it too but … Continue reading

Pop Culture Fridays: Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe…

Yesterday while innawebs strolling (it’s cold as a mutha-effer out of doors) I happened upon an article on Madame Noire about Ludacris and his wayward peen. The post itself was just ok and the comment section was basically more of the same, complaints about men keeping their johnsons home. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful life? … Continue reading

Pop Culture Wednesday: Do Nice Guys Finish Last

As a card carrying Blipster (Black Hispter) it is only right that I watch all things Issa Rae related. I find her awkward brand of comedy fantabulous and it doesn’t hurt that she dabbles in the ratchet. Hey we’re all trying to get to heaven. Her most recent vlog series takes a comedic look at … Continue reading

Book of Questions Fridays: Who Should You Date – The Rulebook

Friday’s Question from the Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PH.D., is question #28 If you were single, what rules would you have about seeing people who were already involved with someone or who had just broken up? What about co-workers or other people you deal with on a daily basis? What … Continue reading