Thursday Ranting: Someone Free Ben Carson from the Sunken Place

Middle Passage

I’m sure this felt like the all inclusive trip to Bermuda I took some years ago with friends….FOH!!!

The other day one of 45’s Black Wypipo, Ben Carson, took to the stage during a Dept of Housing and Urban Development meeting to let us know that slaves were simply immigrants who entered these fair shores in the bottom of slave ships.  Operative word being slave, possibly bottom.  Someone should mention to Ben that immigrant and slave aren’t synonyms.  Referring to the middle passage as some creepy Royal Caribbean-esque cruise to the “new world” is not only disrespectful it’s frankly…stupid.   Some of you would like to talk to me about intention as if words strung together in sentences do not have meaning.  As if a brain surgeon, read that an actual effing brain surgeon, is incapable of pulling together his thoughts coherently to form an easily understood message.  Sorry I gives no breaks to Negros that pretend to read good.   Ben Carson is the cousin in the family that believes his money and education have somehow transported him beyond being Black.

If for some reason you think this cousin doesn’t exist, it’s because you’re that cousin.  Don’t blame the messenger.  I am just doing my job.

News flash to Ben Carson and the Black Wypipo like him, I’m looking at you Omarosa Manigault, you’re still Black.  Believe me once you hop out the tunnel you reside also known as 45’s a$$ I’m 100% positive you’re still brown.  Yup 100%!  No one succeeds by brown nosing, in the end you’re left with a face full of shyt and no people.  Truthfully Ben Carson has been Wypipo-ing for years and he’s still the same shade of black he’s always been.  Being the token at the picnic will result in two possibilities, the sunken place or complete and utter frustration from the vast levels of racial micro aggression presented on a daily basis.  Trust me I have both worked and played with Wypipo and that shyt is draining AF.  There are so many moments in the day when I just want one other person who truly understands my perspective…I could be projecting.

Anywho Ben is no stranger to stupidity.  Remember he’s the same person who told us Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery and that prison creates homosexuals.  When this type of stupid exits one’s lips, I wonder what it tastes like.  Burnt hotdogs?  Clearly Dr. Carson isn’t wrapped tightly. Although, it is hard to imagine that a man who’s actually a brain surgeon could be capable of this level of retard.  I mean retard in the technical sense.  There has to be something not mentally right in the mind of an individual to liken slavery to immigration.  I’m 98.2% positive that the initial enslaved Africans never once dreamed of or envisioned coon ass Ben Carson or any other puppet Negro.  If I were to take an educated guess they were probably praying to return to the land they were stolen from and rejoin their families.  I could be wrong but I’d like to think if someone stole me today or tomorrow I’d want to go back to my home, not assimilate or become a toffee version of my oppressors.

Further slavery was Fucking Horrible.  Not just uncomfortable!  Not just sad!  Not just unfortunate!  Not just mean!  It was FUCKING HORRIBLE!  It was calculated evil carried out by equally nefarious people whose kin to this day still benefit.  Enslaved Africans weren’t on holiday.  They weren’t the deadbeat fathers of yesteryear on their way to the corner bodega for cigarettes never looking to return.  They were stolen men and women raped of their identity forced to build this joint for nothing (Shout out to Angela Rye).  They weren’t working for less, they were working for free.  There isn’t anything that compares to close to 400 years of bondage creating the most lucrative country in the world only to be treated first like chattel and then like second class citizens.  To liken that to a person escaping/running from their own homeland to something that they perceive as better is beyond disrespectful.   Folks who think like this are the reason we continue to scream for everyone to hear that BLACK LIVES MATTER!

In a world that continuously tells us on both small and large scales that we don’t matter, sometimes simply surviving is a victory.  That’s why Carson’s equally offensive statement that the United States is the only place big and great enough to allow all people to realize their dreams is complete nonsense.  Allow?  Allow!!!  The United States hasn’t allowed much of anything.  Technically the only people in the United States who were allowed to realize their dreams were and still are affluent white men.  Every other type of person had to fight for consideration of their dreams.  Some of which still remain just that, a dream.   When you have to escape, revolt, and fight for equality there is no such thing as being allowed to realize shyt.

I am so tired of our history being compromised.  Part of the reason why we can’t move forward as a nation is because we never truly acknowledge the devastation that United States slavery created and how its vestiges continue to shape our nation.  If this wasn’t true 45 wouldn’t be y’alls President.  His swift ascent to power speaks more to the heart of America than it does to his aptitude for the job.  But what says you lovelies, did Ben Carson simply mix up his words?  Am I protesting too much? Should Ben get a pass because his intentions were good?  Was it a loose lip slip?  Do you agree that enslaved Africans are just immigrants who worked for less?  Speak on it in the comments.  As always to care is to share and shyt!

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