Monday Ranting: I Love You More – Giving Up All The Hoes for You!


One thing My Present says to me a lot is I love you more.  If I’m being honest I’m sometimes simultaneously jealous and uncomfortable that he believes and is vulnerable enough to say this to me.  Verbal emoticon expression isn’t one of my strengths…blame my childhood.  I am working on it.  The other night on our way home from our friend’s baby dedication (because 30+) we went down this lovey-dovey road.  It’s a path often traveled and it makes me feel good on the inside.  Don’t tell My Present because I’m hard!  The point, I told him there was no way for him to truly know that he loves me more.  And he said of course he did because he gave up all those other hoes for me.  Love emojis eviscerated.

Also I am not a hoe but we can discuss his misuse of nouns a little later.

My internal conversation said what hoes Paco Kinte (PK)? (I started calling My Present this after finding out he’s 1/48th Mexican.  He is also somewhat of a light skint militant ala Huey Newton)  Clearly PK’s perception of his pimp hand far outreaches his actual game.  Granted he does have a beard blessed by the gawds.  Full luxurious beards are the a$$ and tits of men.   A Bahama Breeze waitress once grabbed a handful of Paco Kinte’s beard as if I wasn’t seated there sharing a whole meal of food with him.  A true procurer of hoes would have taken that opportunity to relish in his pimpage, instead My Present looked like he shat himself.  More concerned that I might flip my shyt and never speak to him again.  Not my way.  I laughed because hoes should always shoot their shot.  If he was getting rid of me for the waitress at Bahama Breeze, I was definitely dodging a bullet.  No offense to any Bahama Breeze waitresses because honest work.  Not that My Present isn’t a catch because hello he is my fiancé.   However, I am by far his greatest gift outside of his son.  This is not to say that he was hoe-less.  Hoes are for everyone.  The hoe life lesson, avoid inadvertently or purposely saving one.   So shall it be written!  So shall it be done!

Ignoring my internal conversation I chose instead to hit him with a side eye, chuckled, and outlined how I too gave up the hoes.  He didn’t laugh.  I’m certain in Paco Kinte’s mind my sexual past is a fairy tale that has been obliterated by almost 5 years of chexing him and only him.  Side note sex with the same person for the rest of your life is hella scary for both men and women – consider yourself informed.  What I find most entertaining about his asserted extra love is the implication that he’s given up more than I have to be here.  How Sway!?!?  For the record I did in fact give up my #1 hoe.   That hurt!   If you lose your #4 no one cries but when you lose the grand prize of hoes, there are moments of remorse and bitterness.  I am speaking philosophically of course because I am glad and rejoice in the decision to be here.   And by here I mean in this loving relationship with the most adorable man ever, cause I care and shyt.

But what did he give up that trumps my loss?  I want to know.  Did he too lose his #1 hoe?  Is she out here with a pucci so good you can throw it into the air and it would look like sunshine?  Inquiring minds and hashish!  Or did he miss out on some dates with weaved out slores that only wanted dinner. Trust women go on dates for a number of reasons and free dinner is definitely close to the top of the list. He may have lost a summer of hoe-ing whereby he traipsed through a gaggle of thots only to find it unfulfilling and end up right back with the female who moonlights as his son’s mother.  Maybe there’s a part of him that enjoyed being curved by gold diggers and females of ill repute.  I’m a firm believer that men in fact enjoy crazy women, gold diggers, and hoes…if you don’t agree fight me.  I can’t call it.  Technically My Present should thank me for the bullets he dodged.  By all accounts, I’m the safety vest that drifted into the raving sea of his life and helped him make it ashore.

I will not confirm or deny that most of those last remarks are conceit laced confidence.

To the point, maybe there is something inherent in a man that morphs everything in life even dating and mating into some odd competition that he must win.  I personally enjoy a healthy game of almost anything because winning is fantabulous.  At the same time our relationship isn’t a challenge between the two of us…but I also want to win this race.  Maybe there is something inherently wrong with me.  Not that I was running through bishes like rags to riches (The Man Wander Married for that nonsensical statement) but I did drop some folks and things to be here.  Sacrifice is the way that relationships work…that and a lot of compromise and listening to conversations that you give less than two titties about…that last part could just be me.

Bottom line, I guess we both dropped some baggage to take this journey.  Dropping said baggage in no way equates to loving the other person more.  It also doesn’t equate to less, it’s something that we all do (should do) when we find our person.  While I’m slightly insulted that dropping the hoes is something that My Present may regards as an equivalent in part to having me I will take it in jest recognizing that he is a creative and I am more of a literal speaker.  I try not to mix my words.   But what say you Lovelies, do you have stock in loving someone more due to what you left behind?  Is there any way to know if someone loves you more?  What happens if the relationship has a lopsided love continuum?  Is there any legitimacy to men vs women losing more to be in a relationship?  Vice versa?  As always speak on it in the comments.  To share is to care and hashish!

One Response to “Monday Ranting: I Love You More – Giving Up All The Hoes for You!”
  1. Cuddlebug says:

    Good read… I always pondered the thought of “I love you more” however my mother always told me, that you should always be with someone, who loves you more than you do. I never fully understood this saying until now. I realize this comparison only looking now from my past relationship, to my current. My past relationship I loved the person more, how I realized, was that I was always the one making sacrifices, always doing for him, and whatever he says go mentality. Not to mention I said I love you first. Now with my current and forever… he said I love you first, although when he said it I was reluctant to say it back, he sensed it and said it was ok… you can say it whenever you are ready… right then and there I knew he was what my mom said I should have been looking for all along. He puts me first before anything, he has me on this high pedestal, sometimes I feel like I’m undeserving of such a loving person, now don’t get me wrong I love him unconditionally… and he has my heart… but I still know deep down inside that he will always love me more… now on the other hand I don’t think Paco’s excuse for dropping hoes is a good enough explanation for him to say he love’s you more.

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