Book of Questions Wednesdays: It’s Only Illegal if You Get Caught…


This is what happens to people in California no wonder LAPD has so many cases against them…

Wednesday’s Question from the Book of Questions *Revised and Updated by Gregory Stock, PH. D., is question #007 – A.  If you were on a jury, would you be willing to convict a person for something you didn’t think should be considered a crime?

Let me start by saying that I served as a juror in the past.  As experiences go, it was eye opening while simultaneously confirming an ongoing thought that most people are challenged intellectually.  I did not make that up myself, it simply continues to be reinforced as I take this walk we call life.  During that week of sequester I learned that every individual has his or her own form of logic, personal logic is of no relation to the real thing, that shapes one’s ability to separate truth from fiction.  While I prefer the authentic form, others didn’t seem to be bothered with the knock-off version.  Whateves!
After performing my civic duty, I vowed to get kicked off of every other jury panel that followed.  I’ve done reasonably well since.  As luck may have it, I knew one of the police officers who investigated my most recent stint in jury selection and the one prior I straight up told the judge I was biased.  I wasn’t lying.  It was a double child molestation case where two sisters age 11 and 7 were set to testify against their “uncle.”  I took one look at him and decided he was a filthy nasty molesting bastard and off the jury I went.  This was for the best, I didn’t want to listen to hours or days of testimony about a man raping kids.  That can’t be good for anyone’s psyche.  It is my hope that justice was served, just not by me.  I’m selfish like that…falling short of the glory happens to us all.

Back to the matter at hand…if by some strange turn of fate my bum ended up as juror number 5 besides being slightly irked the do good rule follower portion of my brain likes to believe I’d follow the letter of the law outlined by the judge.  Since I am but a human I know the larger part of me refuses to compromise my integrity for some bullshyt law that shouldn’t exist.   Knowing that about myself it is all the way possible and more than likely probable that I would absolutely find someone innocent if he did something I do not deem a crime.  That is a hella slippery slope I just slid down and we all know black girls don’t ski.   That’s a joke for the boughetto among us.

Any who history teaches us (unfortunately or fortunately so) that our laws are forever changing.  Actions and behaviors we “believe” are wrong today may be all the way right tomorrow.  Who remembers the war on drugs?  Anyone of a certain age will never forget the late 80’s drug campaign about frying your brain. By far the best part of that campaign was the end when the guy asked if you had any questions…of which I had many and I couldn’t ask him.  I’m sure it worked on plenty of folk.  Not me!  Doing drugs never seemed that interesting.  Blame my control freak tendencies.  Plus in real life I knew drug addicts and that was more than enough to deter me from becoming a crack head.

Side note, do people still smoke crack?  Inquiring minds and hashish.

I’ve gone off the reservation again, what I’m saying is this – back then we had this thought that all identified illegal drugs were bad.  Fast forward 30 or so years and now everyone and their mama’s are running to open marijuana dispensaries because weed is from the earth.  It was put here for you and me…take advantage.  I am not advocating smoking weed.  I am also not saying you can’t.  What I am saying is, if the worst thing that will happen to you from smoking weed is poor eating choices and sleep what harm is there in recreational use?  It is far less hazardous than alcohol.  Quite frankly I have never ever seen an angry pothead…paranoid/delusional possibly but never ever angry.  Friends, alcohol kills and that shyt is legal.

Further lets us not talk about the troves of individuals serving serious time for a couple of dime bags.  Need I remind you Lovelies that Marijuana is a Schedule I drug.  If you didn’t know that is the highest category of narcotic.  It’s ranked up there with her-ron!  It’s ranked higher than Cocaine!  That’s a racial thing but I ain’t even gone travel down that lane today.  Just know Faith will never ever ever in her life if seated as a juror vote to convict anyone of a crime if he is selling dime bags of weed on the corner.  Hell he could have a whole forest in his basement and I’s turning a blind eye.  Cause you know why, I don’t see this as a crime.  It’s a crime like jaywalking is a crime.  Exactly it’s not.  Unless of course you live in Los Angeles, those freaks take jaywalking hella serious.  I legit got cursed out by a hippie in a Prius.  Who knew folk who survive off wheat grass shakes had that much venom…oh wait Vegans!

On a more serious note, Faith ain’t bout that life.  But what says you Lovelies.  If you were on a jury, would you be willing to convict a person for something you didn’t think should be considered a crime?   Speak on it in the comments and remember to share is to care and hashish!

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