Random Iskabibbles -A Presidential Election – Foolafucooniggatry Edition


This year or so in politics confirmed my feelings about the US – there are idiots among us. My verklempt levels are uber high. How could you blame me with half of the nation (45% is close enough to half ) losing their ever-loving minds by supporting a pig in a wig, Donald Trump. Well technically he’s not a pig nor does he wear a wig but you’re drifting with me. Not only that, there’s a large segment of the populous that also believes (also as in simultaneously) that Hilary Clinton is just as wacktastic. Let me first and foremost say that my level of grudge with the Hilster is high. #GirlIGuessImWithHer! She has yet to redeem herself in mine eyes for referring to my Brothers in Christ as Super Predators who need to be brought to heel. I feel that Liberal Ass side eye some of y’all are giving me and I say eff your side eye and the donkey it rode in on.

Back to the point, this year’s political cycle is one for the record books. Granted my voting eligibility only dates back to the second Bush so it’s highly probable that I’m biased. I witnessed Al Gore both win and lose the same damn election, pretty crap and fantastic if I say so myself. Topping that mountain of ridonkulousness by most standards should have been hard…insert Donald Trump. Standards be damn! I know I know I should keep his name out of my mouth but I can’t help but one tear thug cry that a man (term used hella loosely) known more for a catch phrase, “You’re Fired,” and a malnourished squirrel living on his head is the Republican Nominee for President of the United States. Four words, “Do Better And Shyt!” (Sarah Palin ain’t looking half bad now, dotcha know!)

With very little analysis I can tell Hillary and Trump aren’t equal in their fitness. Let’s be clear I do not like either of the candidates. (I have half a mind to write in Kanye West on the ballot since this election is a joke.) Time didn’t erase the fact that 90’s Clintonian policies led directly to the enslavement mass incarceration of my Brothers. Apologies and changes of heart be damned when close to 35% of the eligible Black male population lives in bondage as a direct result of political “reform” and media manipulation. It is not a coincidence that a large portion of the under and uneducated public associate Black Culture with criminology. Hell, to some extent even the educated population does too. But Black culture ain’t never did nothing but throw a bomb party, get raped by the man, and make good potato salad! One of these things is not like the other…but I digress.

Knowing that Hillary and her troop of Liberal Cronies wade waist deep in the 21st century enslavement swamp agitates my colon. I can’t support her with anything close to vigor. Even with that said, she passes the fitness test. Her experience is unparalleled to any modern candidate. She’s held the highest unofficial office, FLOTUS, been a senator, and from 2009-2013 she was 3rd or 4th in line if Obama took a spill (I could be wrong. I’m far removed from Civics class.) Bottom line, she ain’t new to this shyt. I just don’t agree with policies she emphatically endorsed that continue to ravage the community. A politically correct, “My Bad, Bruh,” doesn’t undo years of real damage. I question her judgment but I don’t question her competency. Words have meanings and those two terms aren’t synonyms. It’s a concept lost on the masses that becomes abundantly clear when you speak to anyone who vehemently supports the Squirrel-Haired Wonder.

Donald Trump is a sloppy pile of horse shyt ripe off a summer’s afternoon. I can’t trust horse shyt to “Make America Great Again.” (I may be one of the silent minority, who believes that America is both great and screwed up simultaneously right now.) Trump is an un-closeted racist, which doesn’t bother me as much as the folks who try to tell me he isn’t. One racist don’t stop a show…I mean ‘Merikka, unbeknownst to most, is teaming with racist. My real issue with The Trump, are his wayward supporters. They were the quiet, angry, cancerous underbellies that are now showing up on the national MRI. I tried to gentrify middle class them away but cancer is lethal. My dad was right, everything done in the dark eventually makes its way to the light. Angry people rarely stay quiet. They waited for a savior, a jackass unbothered by being a jackass, Donald Trump. He speaks to their bitter souls and spits out all of their hidden personal truths for the world to hear. Normally these truths find deaf ears or at least unsympathetic ears but Post Racial America is no longer unsympathetic. Even if no one admits during water cooler chats on Monday mornings, many people fully support Donald Trumps positions. There are legit people who believe in the greatness of America pre legislated “equality.”

Note I said legislated equality. Legislation and attitudes aren’t synonyms either. The people who spit on the Black men and women who worked to desegregate America are still alive. Many of them bred equally racist spawns that maintain similar attitudes. The new racist simply shelved their parent’s overt prejudice for more subtle forms. They traded lynching for mandatory sentences, and nigger for thug. It’s the same shit just a different day. Trust racial bias doesn’t wash off like the dirt of the day with a good shower. We are but a generation removed from Jim Crow. Unlearning racism takes more than appreciating hip-hop and having a black friend. Hence the angry majority that truly believe it’s all the way appropriate to have Mexicans build a wall to help keep themselves out, that all Black people live in squalor and are dangerous criminals, and all Muslims are Jihadding terrorist.

See those are the people I am truly scared of, not a single man in a bad hairhat who will not win the election. I fear the cancer he injected into our bloodstream. But who am I kidding, it was just lying dormant for a minute…but what’s says you Lovelies? Who are you supporting in this wayward election. Will it be the ultimate Caucasian scammer, Hillary or the fear-mongering cheater, Donald Trump? Speak your piece in the comments. To share is to care and hashish!

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    I am still such a fan. Guess it’s time I make sure I’m notified of new blog posts again.

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