Book of Questions Friday: Besties Before Testes – Except When It’s Not

As you can see, it starts early!!!  These heauxs ain't loyal!

As you can see, it starts early!!! These heauxs ain’t loyal!

Friday’s Question from the Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PH. D., is question #204. If a close friend reported seeing your partner having a very romantic dinner with someone, but your partner absolutely denied being there, whom would you tend to believe? How strong would the evidence have to be before you’d accept that your spouse was lying to you?

Trust is a fruit with many flavors, some bitter some sweet…some bitter effing sweet. That’s the fruit I know best. Life’s taught me that trust shouldn’t be given lightly. Anyone under the right set of circumstances can and will cheat. Much like the great poet laureate, Chris Brown said these heauxs ain’t loyal. So it’s oh so necessary to be courteous to all, but intimate with a few, and let those few be well tested before you give them your confidence. Unless I get the sense that someone’s a serial liar I start everyone with a C and let them soar to an A or plummet to an F when it comes to trust.

Anyone in the trust tree nest for upwards of 10 years (The Best Friend, Nurse Friend, Model Friend) is well vetted. Their word is like that of Angels in the ears of the Lord. I don’t subscribe to hating arse friends so I’d know telling me my Present was out hugged up with some tramp would be nothing short of the gospel. I want all my friends to win, and I know the same is true for me from them. Pretty much, ain’t nobody ucking with my clique! Further none of my closest friends has anything to gain from detonating a weapon of mass destruction in the middle of my relationship. Bitter bishes make poor comrades, just saying.

However, we all know that perception is reality to the person perceiving. Which basically means we all see situations through our particular brand of colored lenses. Two people watching the same scenario will remember most of it the same but there will be bits and pieces unique to the individual. Not that either is lying per se but everyone doesn’t see things the same way. Word? Word! It will be very possible for friends of mine who’ve experienced cheating mofos to the 25th power to see My Present out to dinner with his sister, cousin, friend and/or short man and automatically jump to foul play. And while My Present may be all the way in the right, my friend may perceive it differently and report such difference to me. This is where the relationship on both sides of the fence is truly tested. If I know for sure My Present was home watching a Walking Dead marathon I will of course correct the error of my sister in arms’ way and simultaneously thank her. There are certain people who close an eye to dudes doing dirt and that’s a bish that can’t be trusted. I’ll also have to apologize to my Present for my friend being a friend but let him know I gots eyes everywhere my dude.

Even still there will be times that I won’t be able to defend My Present’s honor, because I don’t keep track of this dude with a biometric honing device. He be where he be and I trust that until I don’t. Most times I have a general sense of where he is so again if one of the homies drops some science on me about a date night type situation this is likely to occur. I will thank her in the moment and tell her I’ll handle the hashish from that point forward. Depending on where he said he was, will greatly depend on the resources I employ to get to the heart of the deception. His actions from that point forward will be monitored closely for signs of inconsistency and I will do my due diligence to determine if he was where he said he was supposed to be before I confront him with a single question. Who were you with on Tuesday night at (insert the place where he wasn’t supposed to be)? Trust I seldom ask questions I don’t know the answer to. Also this is a two part question that should elicit a two part answer. His answer or lack thereof will let me know if my friend’s skewed perception needs adjusting or if My Present is lying. No harm no foul!

Now folk outside the trust tree nest, you know casual work folk or people I know through others that I’m friendly with but don’t call friend I gives less than a uck about what they have to say about My Present, Future, or Past. They could tell me it’s raining outside and I’ll still check my weather APP. It’s business, never personal. I’d need photographic and/or video evidence before I would even approach My Present. I can’t detonate a bomb in my relationship life space off the word of a diva dude or a bitter bish. iCan’t and iWon’t allow relationship sabotage. And furthermore My Present’s word carries more weight than that of a random.

In this world of sin, I trust very few and for today I whole heartedly proclaim Besties before Testes. Love isn’t blinding me to the point that I am deaf, dumb, and stupid for any man. I’ve walked that road before and it left me very much verklempt and all the way in my feelings. Emoticons make me uncomfortable about my skin. Why give a dude your heart when he’d rather invade vagishtan cause, these heauxs ain’t loyal and I would be love and/or dick drunk to believe that My Present is above temptation. So while I trust him, I don’t absolutely because men lie, but numbers don’t lie.

What says you Lovelies, If a close friend reported seeing your partner having a very romantic dinner with someone, but your partner absolutely denied being there, whom would you tend to believe? How strong would the evidence have to be before you’d accept that your spouse was lying to you? Speak on it in the comments, as always to share is to care and hashish!

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  1. iamdashsr says:

    **clears throat** It’s been 6 months almost… I know I can’t be the only one missing your blogging.

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