Monday Ranting: So Far Beyond Teenage Rebellion

This is the face of an abused teenager...if you believe that I have a boat I want to sell you.

This is the face of an abused teenager…if you believe that I have a boat I want to sell you.

Normally I don’t go to CNN to get my typical influx of ratchet entertainment. But every once and again the sun shines on a dog’s bum. A few days ago I happened upon a story about a New Jersey native currently suing her parents for living expenses, the remainder of her high school tuition, and her college education. You didn’t read that wrong. Rachel Canning filed a lawsuit with the help of a friend’s parents against her mom and dad claiming they abandoned her, leaving her unfit and unable to survive out here in the big bad world. A decision for Rachel beyond being borderline ridonkulous would change the face of parental obligations. Whoever said parenting was a thankless job, never lied. Not that I’m a legal scholar of any sort but I would imagine the premise for this lawsuit stems from the notion that parents cannot emancipate their children therefore reneging on their responsibility all willy nilly and hashish. And here y’all haphazard parents just thought you could pop them out and leave them to their own wilds.

Hailing from the non-child sect of life, and someone who has never wanted children, reading stories like this doesn’t help. This tomfuckery reinforces my already living thought that parenting is a thankless profession. Not that I agree with rewarding something you’re supposed to do but there should at least be some recognition for a job well done considering the host of craptacular people you meet when you’re walking down the street. In this case, Rachel’s parents will not get my sympathies. Somewhere on the road of raising a girl to a woman, they failed. I know that’s harsh but well-adjusted children (if there is such a thing) don’t sue their parents. Teenage rebellion is real. Of this I’m 84.7% sure but there’s a huge difference between throwing a house party when your parents are out of town and running away from home only to file a legal suit against your folks. My first question, where they do that at? I’m so serious. I lived in an environment where I knew my parents brought me into this world and they could take me out…I’m not saying I feared them but I was slightly scared and hashish. I think I turned out pretty decent though so they did something half way right.

When did the shift in respect occur? As much as I want to blame these new generation children I can’t because kids are often times direct reflections of how they were or were not raised. Those were indeed shots fired. As much as Rachel is an entitled ninny, her parents raised her to be just that. This is not the first self absorbed, disrespectful act from Rachel; of this I’m sure. I’d bet money Rachel’s called her mother everything but a child of God sans repercussions. Acts of defiance don’t start at 100. Once a child recognizes that disrespectful behavior warrants little to no response, you should expect the absolute worst. Granted I’m sure the Cannings were horriprised to find out about the lawsuit. What’s more shocking to me, the other parents who allowed Rachel to remain in their home as if her parents had done something so incredibly wrong to her. Short of sexual, mental, or physical abuse there would have been not one thing little teenage Rachel could have said that would stop me from calling her parents and telling them, yes telling them to come get their self indulged spoiled nitwit from my home. iCan’t and iWon’t stand for disrespectful children.

But see this is the culture we created, one where we give trophies for showing up instead of rewarding actual winners and rarely correcting when children misbehave. Don’t get me wrong I know that everyone is special in his or her own way but when we smother kids from everything negative and create a dynamic where boundaries don’t exist, they are ill equipped to know when they have over stepped their bounds. Children require structure. I’m positive in Rachel’s mind she made a reasonable decision to sue her parents for her education costs and living expenses after leaving the comforts of their home because she couldn’t abide by their rules. Teenage logic and shyt! Her wrong doing hasn’t registered because she’s been taught that she wakes up and pisses excellence instead of the truth that just like everyone else in this world her shyt does in fact stink. It angers me to think of how privileged someone must be to take up such an option.

Lawyers help me proceed. While in my mind the case has little to no merit I assume this whole suit rests on the fact that parents are not allowed to forcibly emancipate their underage children. Parents are responsible for their dependent demon spawn and as such child accrued expenses are parental bills. However if said child runs away is the parent still held to the same rules? I don’t know…I just watch a lot of Law & Order. While I don’t think this would extend to payment for college, college being an optional enterprise and all, there may just be a case for the remaining high school tuition. Maybe! Like I said I don’t know all the laws and hashish, this is just my assumption as to why this is even being heard in a court of law.

Oddly enough the children who really deserve to sue their parents, you know the ones who routinely miss meals, end up in hospitals for “unknown” accidents, and are exposed to sex, drugs and violence on a reglah aren’t the ones who make my CNN newsfeed. Their files sit on the desks of some lowly social workers who’ve heard too many horror stories for this nonsense to even register anywhere near a level of abuse. And rightly so, because expecting your child to do well in school, refusing to allow her to comingle with thots, and to make curfew isn’t neglectful, irresponsible, or abusive. But what says you Lovelies, any thoughts on the Rachel Canning vs The Parental Units? As always to share is to care and hashish!

2 Responses to “Monday Ranting: So Far Beyond Teenage Rebellion”
  1. Holli says:

    Couldn’t agree more! When I read about this I wanted to snatch her back to kindergarten so her parents could start over.

    • Faith M. says:

      Indeed Holli they are in severe need of a rewind button. I did hear sometime later that they were able to patch things up and Rachel has since rejoined the family.

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