Monday Ranting: Age Is Definitely More Than a Number

Underneath this rainbow coalition is an ugly truth...

Underneath this rainbow coalition is an ugly truth…

Whether you sit firmly on the Mia Farrow or the Woody Allen side of the fence you must admit each produced enough doubt to make you question the other. Honestly no one but Woody Allen and his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, really know the truth. There are no winners in this tomfoolery; of this I’m 83.8% sure. To be fair Woody Allen has never been convicted of molesting Dylan, but to also be fair he was never awarded custody of his small children even after two appeals following the allegations. Neither of these things on their face proves guilt or innocence. Again, just more doubts added to either camp. We are left to forever wonder, did he or didn’t he. And as sensational as all that is, one of the things that make it so easy to believe he may just be capable of the terrible awful, Allen’s marriage to Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi shortly after the dissolution of the Allen-Farrow union. It definitely raises eyebrows and begs the question how important is age when it comes to sexual relationships.

Before typing this I found myself in a heated discussion with My Present about this topic. He recounted a conversation he’d had with co-workers and how one was duped into chexing a minor. At 18 the coworker met a girl outside of a high school and assumed she was high school age. We all know what happens to those who assume? Not to mention that high school age ranges from 13-18 (generally speaking). Let’s be honest some of those ages are not like the others. As the world turns the girl was only turning 13 and therefore very much 12. My response, it appears your co-worker is an idiot. My Present looked flummoxed. Here’s the icing on this cake shortly before learning the girl’s true age she’d admitted “falsely” that she was 15. His response wasn’t to stop chexing her at that point but to use her as the go to when talking the panties off of girls his age became too difficult. He learned shortly thereafter by the girl’s grandmother the assumed high schooler was only 12, at which point he exited stage left, I guess he deserves a medal.

My response, this is something that could only happen to a man. Women actually have conversation with men before they sleep with them, most of the time. I don’t give two shyts how “developed” young girls are, the fact that My Present’s coworker hadn’t the sense that God gave a billy goat makes him two things, an idiot and a child molester. Sorry but that’s how I feel, I recognize I’m biased. But to be clear 12 and 16 while only separated by 4 years are grossly different in not only appearance but more importantly in mental and emotional capacity. Neither is truly ready for the physical, mental, and/or emotional ramifications of secks. This is truly why age is much more than a number. Asking a simple question or two would have easily dissolved the assumed high schooler’s web of lies. And no offense if 12 year old girls are outsmarting grown arse men, our society has real problems and my sarcastic running theory that men are stupid is all the way accurate. No T! No Shade!

Let’s be honest ain’t nothing a 12 year old boy could have done for 18 year old Faith but sell me some candy from his school’s fundraiser. Besides truly sick child predator type bishes who diddle boys, women aren’t falling victim to this “game.” Part of that may be nature and some of it nurture. Society views little girls and little boys differently. Double standards and hashish! There are no marriages sanctioned and approved by parents or the state for 16-year-old boys to 50+ adult women. We falsely assume girls are more mature than their male counterparts and that a sexualized female is not misguided but very much in full control of her sexuality. Even for the most mature 16 year old of the bunch in full control of her sexuality is not true by a long stretch. Part of this misrecognition of female childhood is our society’s preoccupation with sexualizing young girls. From the clothes we sell them to the shows they consume, we are teaching our daughters their assets rest solely in tits and arse. It doesn’t take much to manipulate a child.

This brings me back to Allen. The rock shattering his relationship with Mia Farrow wasn’t the allegation of abuse against their adopted daughter Dylan. That came later. Nude photos of Mia’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Allen tucked away for safekeeping, set the relationship ablaze. Life is always crazier than fiction. I’m not sure to what level of crazy one jumps when she finds nudes of her teenage daughter in her step father’s belongings, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it might involve bodily harm. As the story is told Allen began dating Farrow when Soon-Yi was 10-ish. I have trouble believing that his manipulation of her didn’t start shortly thereafter. Allen later married Soon-Yi (romance and hashish) making his biological son with Farrow not only his son but also his brother-in-law. If that ain’t some hillbilly shyt right there I don’t know what it is. And again I say life is always stranger than fiction. Maybe 17 year old Soon-Yi and Allen just fell in love, yo no se.

This is the tale Allen needs us to accept as truth. Allen wants us to believe that nothing smells funny when a man who helps raise a child from the age of ten, marries her at 21. iStruggle! I’m concerned and confused. There’s a reason why employers frown upon fraternization. Not because they hate love, but more so because people in positions of power force insubordinates into compromising positions. Folk lose unbiased chose when persons of authority, professional or personal, suggest a romantic and /or sexual relationship. If we layer on the immaturity and irresponsibility of adolescence we clearly recognize that a teenage stepdaughter has little chance against her older, authority wielding quasi step pop. I’m in no way shocked that Soon-Yi doesn’t herself feel violated, she’s been thoroughly manipulated to believe what’s happened to her was in fact her decision and completely right. The best abuser is the one who’s thoroughly convinced those around him including his victim he is a knight in shining armor. Rarely are these the ones behind bars. Of course as I mentioned earlier, I am biased.

But what says you Lovelies, do you believe age is nothing but a number? What are your thoughts on the Woody Allen fiasco? Do you think his adopted daughter is seeking publicity? Do you think he fell in love with Soon-Yi? As always speak on it in the comments and remember to share is to care and hashish!


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