Monday Ranting: Mistaking Passion for Love

Snarky As I Want To Be

I once asked a question on Facebook about what was more important while dating & mating, compatibility or passion. This was a set up question because no one wants to look at her partner and think we sure are so compatible. It stinks of lackluster romance. I get it. Women especially dream of whirlwind romances akin to scenes in Titanic and other sappy completely unrealistic movies to sooth the inner cat woman soul. I’ve never been one of those chicks. Never been the girl looking for earth-quaking love because I’ve always been drawn (immaturely so) to men I was passionate about because initial passion just feels so damn good. The unfortunate thing about passion it doesn’t hold you at your weakest moment sans judgment the way love does. Knowing how fantabulous passion feels I do fully understand how it can be mistaken for that earth-quaking love. As a result many…

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