Pop Culture Wednesdays: How are Folks Still Getting Catfished?!?!?!

Beware....evil lurks...

Beware….evil lurks…

For those of you living outside of the pop culture loop, let me introduce you to an oddly cute hairy gent, named Nev Schulman, who fell in love with a chick online he felt was a little hottie only to learn she was a fat oogly conniving bish when he finally met her years later in person. You may have to read that again to get down with the get down. After the oogly bish played him, Nev transformed those verklempt feelings, a combination of stupidity and desperation, into a movie about his experience. The movie morphed into a television show on MTV, called Catfish. On the show we visit similar stupidly desperate folk who’ve fallen insanely in love with pictures and words on a computer screen. But seriously, no tea no shade, how does catfishing still exist? The year is 2013 not 1987 and even my Grams has a smartphone.

In an age where Google exists how does catfishing even happen? With so much technology at your finger tips the notion that someone could effectively lie about his/her identity and get away with it for longer than a few days seems nearly impossible. Not to mention our instant gratification generation jumps from hi to sexting in a matter of nano seconds because as you know sharing is caring, so accepting that your Current only has one picture on his/her Facebook page with 2001 resolution screams illegitimate to me. I could be wrong but the whole I don’t have a webcam died in 2007. Every computer worth its hardware has a webcam and if not there’s something called meet me at Starbucks that works even better. It surprises me that so many people are willing to live the lie than accept what is right before their eyes. Granted in person affairs of the heart follow similar delusions, folk have trouble accepting a person for who he/she is if that image differs from what one wants.

Falling in love is easy and complicated at the same damn time and knowing how equally overwhelming and fantabulous it can be I do fully and completely understand why folks go to the ends of the earth to make it happen. With all that said those of you handed the short end of the IQ stick need to stop visiting computers near you. It’s bad for your health and here’s why, too many of you end up on the opposite side of Nev’s camera singing another sad love song about a computer boo leading you down love’s highway. It’s a fake arse emotional rollercoaster and ain’t nobody got time for that. My sympathy well runs low when the obvious is beating you over the head with a club. Love is patient and Love is kind but nowhere does the good book say Love is deaf and dumb…maybe blind but never ever deaf and dumb. Never deaf and dumb!

My head swells in a sea of misunderstanding how any reasonable person falls for the flim flam flummox of catfishing. Much like consummation legitimizing marriage, meeting in real life constitutes dating. You cannot in good conscience call someone the love of your life, boothang, suga lumps or any other colorful euphemism if you’ve never touched the person. I would say see the person but there are legions of blind folk out here dating and mating and I don’t hate the player I hate the game. Did that make sense, not sure but anywho you smell what I’m cooking here. Relationships operate in tangible dividends. If the only things you have to show to prove your Current exists are a laundry list of text messages and an iChat record you’re doing the most with the least. Examine your priorities and think about talking to someone who gets paid to listen to folk lying on couches. I’m not saying you have a problem but you have a problem.

Loneliness is a mutha! Right? Right! I mean it has people out here throwing their dignity to the wind at the mere chance of connecting the words on a screen with the pictures in their head. Personally if we never talked face to face over coffee or kicked the actual factuals while sharing a whole meal of food I don’t consider you a real person. Word? Word! Quiet as its kept you kids are losing your minds thinking people are in love with you because someone sent you a combination of kissy face emoticons and iChatted with you for 3 hours. Actions speak louder than words but maybe this lesson was lost on you.

However the mind is a powerful tool. It can take you on a journey without leaving your seat. Many of the love sprung hopefuls are caught up in the visuals of a person that are supplemented by a bomb arse virtual personality. Considering the killer combination of great looks and fantabulous personality exists so rarely (if you listen to complaining dating & mating folk) when one happens upon this four leaf clover letting it go is damn near impossible. Who wants to go unicorn hunting in a valley of horses, depressing! This may account for a reasonable person falling victim to the infamous Catfish. I would ask however that those same persons take stock of two things, their own looks to personality ratio and that of the people with whom they’ve dated in the past. No shade here but let’s be real if your past loves average a Sherri Shepherd or Tameka “Tiny” Harris and your virtual Current resembles Halle Berry or Kenya Moore you’re being cat fished. Not because Sherri or Tiny are oogly but they don’t hold candles to Halle or Kenya, know your lane. It’s a hard pill to swallow but someone needed to say it.

I’m not a killer of all things romatical nor do I want to be. More than anything I believe in love and I want it for everyone because it is life altering. As Wander told me a long time ago, there is someone for everyone but you have to be reasonable and more than anything you have to be truthful. There is nothing greater than losing and ultimately finding your truest self when you love someone wholeheartedly but I caution throwing your better judgment to the wind to sample a false love. Be careful out there on these dating and mating streets Lovelies. Why do you think people are still getting cat fished in this day of over technology? Speak your piece in the comments, and as always to share it to care and hashish.

2 Responses to “Pop Culture Wednesdays: How are Folks Still Getting Catfished?!?!?!”
  1. iamdashsr says:

    How this still happens is also beyond me… but it does. I would also like to offer up this food for thought. I think this is just the squeeky wheel getting the grease. I’m sure for every 1 catfishing event you hear about there can be 100 or more that are sucessfulhook ups if you will. I mean how many people really talk about a positive experiences they have VS those who have bad ones in stores or when dining.

    • Faith M. says:

      True indeed! There are always legions of complainers and not enough of the cheering squad variety. However I’ve seen several episodes of Catfish and it always seems to me that more than anything people are delusional. I mean there was actually an episode where the kid saw the girl, could see for himself she was not the picture she posted, and still he continued believing the photograph person was real. The mind is a crazy crazy thing.

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