Monday Ranting: Are We Obsessed with The Heauxs?

Don't these Lovelies make sleeping with people's husbands, boyfriends, friends with benies look A-MAZING???

Don’t these Lovelies make sleeping with people’s husbands, boyfriends, friends with benies look A-MAZING???

If you read this post the notion of what makes a woman a heaux is troubling to me. I don’t accept society’s view that women who sleep around (how do we quantify this again) are heauxs. At the same token I throw the moniker haphazardly and indiscriminately to men and women alike. Equal slut rights and hashish! In my mind it’s like p0rn, tricky to define but you know it when you see it, bow chicka wow wow. What I do find fascinating about this topic, which I can talk about ad nauseam, is our growing obsession with the heaux life space. Is art imitating life or life imitating art, yo no se! We’re so engrained, our current television showcases it recklessly and to some extent we consciously support heauxs winning. Recently ABC, after a scuffle with Lifetime, green lit and débuted the British import, Mistresses. I’ve yet to dabble having such an affinity for the UK version, call me partial. It’s a show about female friends who live very tawdry lives, solid. ABC’s primetime hours are rife with women of ill repute, Scandal, and I sort of loves it. Not because I think heauxs need to win but I enjoy the equal opportunity ucked-up-ness of women being as sloppy as men and getting away with it.

Let me be clear, I don’t support heauxs, knowingly. Sometimes one slips into your midst and you just don’t know it until you know it, you know what I’m saying. Maybe? Maybe not, but anyways part of my discontent with Scandal revolves around uncomfortable feelings of supporting the Dopest Bish in a Peacoat while simultaneously wanting her to fail. In one hand I hold a pom pom and the other a dagger…I’m concerned and confused. Underneath the killer outfits, Olivia is a heaux. Yuppers I said it. In the real world, or out here in these streets as my ‘round the way friends put it, no one is breaking bread with a bish sleeping with her husband. I know I know they’re in love and shyt which seems to make it all right…except it’s all wrong. And for the record I am defining heaux as a woman or man who knowingly sleeps with someone who is obligated to another. Its one thing to freely pass the pucci but it’s a whole other to knowingly disrupt a home, please note I didn’t modify home by adding happy.

It troubles me a bit that so many women cheer when Olivia engages Fitz. Side note if you’re going to whore for anyone the President seems like the very tip top of the food chain. It starts to make me wonder what it is about this “relationship” that captivates our interest. Are we seduced by the passion of their union, comfortable with the heauxs, or recognize that we all uck up sometimes. To err is human and hashish. Aside from all of those things which all have their own merit, I think the overwhelming majority of us just know how ucking good wrong feels…sometimes. And this is the quintessential allure of shows like Mistresses and ultimately the heauxs.

Heauxs pursue their prey with an animalistic urgency that so many of us subdue. We beat down and vehemently resist the yearning to pursue our wants selfishly and with reckless abandon. For the most part, we adhere to social decorum while secretly wishing we could be like Olivia and ride the slippery slope of the POTUS. Well maybe not literally but some of us do vicariously live out our own fantasy of doing what we want when we want through primetime television. Hell doesn’t it look fantabulous? If being a mistress awards you the respect and blind admiration of the people around you it can’t be all bad, right? But real life whores don’t win, at least not the sloppy ones, ask Monica Lewinsky. She wears a scarlet letter for life yet Bill Clinton is living it up way big. If he could run for president again I bet he’d get re-elected. Society doesn’t fault Bill, mostly because male secksual escapades for better or worse are forgiven and simply thought of as normal par for the course.

Generally women get the short end of the slut life stick. Men are allowed to slip in and slip out without question by virtue of being a man, unless you’re John Edwards. There is little forgiveness when you cheat on someone dying from the big C. Anyways TV is giving me life and a little bit of hope exposing that women, too participate in the uck shyt behavior. Not only do women freely participate in uck shyt behavior they do so just as much as men and shouldn’t be crucified only because they’re women. Instead of crucifixion let’s just wait for the bounce back. People love a comeback kid, no Robert Downy Jr. Men by virtue of being men get to comeback after apologizing and singing a sad song. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for chicks out here in these streets but in Primetime we get to see women behave badly, win, and behave badly again about as much as their male counterparts. Therein lies hope.

Don’t for a second misconstrue my position, I calls a heaux a heaux in a minute but I also recognize that humans are all screw ups to some degree. Trust no one wakes up and pisses excellence. More than anything I’m tired of these outdated double standards about male and female secksuality. If a woman does something and that behavior is considered whorish than a man in the same situation is equally a whore, he gets no pass because of peen. On the reverse if a man does something and it doesn’t make him a whore the same is true of his female counterpart. I just wants equal slut rights and hashish, nothing more or less. But what says you Lovelies, are we obsessed with the heauxs? Is life imitating art or art imitating life? Are men and women treated equally when it comes to OPP? Speak on it in the comments and as always to share is to care and hashish.


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