Pop Culture Wednesday: Do Nice Guys Finish Last

Note the emotional spectrum...the next step after this for men is festering in their own misery leading to arsehole-ville.  I'm just saying...

Note the emotional spectrum…the next step after this for men is festering in their own misery leading to arsehole-ville. I’m just saying…

As a card carrying Blipster (Black Hispter) it is only right that I watch all things Issa Rae related. I find her awkward brand of comedy fantabulous and it doesn’t hurt that she dabbles in the ratchet. Hey we’re all trying to get to heaven. Her most recent vlog series takes a comedic look at how men become dogs. The premise, women create dogs. Remember hurt people, hurt people. This coincides with the male theory that nice guys finish last. While I don’t disagree that batshyt crazy chicks with whorish gold digging ways corrupt men daily the reverse is quite true of women as well. Bad relationships leave nasty impressions on all involved creating enough bitter bish coins for both men and women to buy a small island. Please note a bitter bish does not have to be a female, consider the overly emoting man the bitter bish counterpart. And while it is very true that wayward chicks and ain’t shyt dudes set the stage for thirsty heauxs and not giving one single eff men they are not the be all end all to dog and/or dogette creation. More importantly the fact that men have no social outlets for their emoticons is more the reason bitter angry emoting men are out here running through bishes like rags to riches.

Let me first dispel the myth that adult women don’t like nice guys. Of course in order to know and believe this you must be a man that actually dates adult women. Bear in mind having a vag denotes female not adulthood. It is completely clear that immature chicks not only dislike nice guys they actually prefer sharing their life space with cheating arseholes, two time felons, and simps like Drake and Chris Brown. I’m just saying immaturity is the leading cause of hurt feelings in the dating & mating game. Comes second only to lying, right? Right!

At the same token being a nice guy in no way makes you the preferred date of choice. These two things are not synonyms. To be clear being a nice guy is the female equivalent of being a pretty face; after awhile both are equally boring if left to their own devices and have nothing besides the obvious to offer. Being a nice guy doesn’t make you smart, funny, mature, interesting and/or a host of other non tangible qualities that one looks for while dating & mating. What being only a nice guy does is make you a target for gold digging bishes looking to get over on someone whose only claim to fame is being nice. Victim blaming…me no know. Basically while being nice is one of the qualities many women like there has to be more to you than that. Not to mention how women define a nice guy tends to look totally different than the men who assume they are nice. One of these things is not like the other, I’m just saying.

More importantly the notion that women create dogs is no truer than men creating bitter bishes and/or part-time Lesbians. I gladly acknowledge that craptastic dating & mating situations are the grease, which allows the wheels of bitter-dom to turn, but they didn’t create the wheel. Everyone knows a dude scorned by love passing as a dog and most times this is a dude who loved a heaux. Women cannot he held accountable for the poor decision making of men who get distracted by big butts and smiles just as much as men cannot be held accountable for women who fall victim to dudes running game. Chalk it up to the price of admission. The common denominator in your failed relationships is you. If you continue to be dogged by the women or men you choose it’s probably because you’re picking the wrong people. I’m just saying batshyt crazy chicks and arsehole dudes aren’t exactly stealthy ninjas. To the observing public these characteristics are quite obvious. Let’s not get caught up in the rapture, mmmmkay! Further the fundamental difference that separates chicks and sticks is how they deal with being dropkicked by dating & mating and herein lays the wheel creation.

While women have a multitude of emotional outlets and are freely able to display every single emoticon on the spectrum, men aren’t granted that same liberty. By my tabulation men have anger, lust, and sports related disappointment and euphoria. Basically they need more people. As such men are left in their verklemptness and no one but the next chick to receive it. There’s no all guy slumber party to discuss and overanalyze the ain’t shytness of the girl who broke his heart. Not to mention after living through that type of emotional pain and never actually getting over it makes it nearly impossible to be open to the possibility of that type of relationship again. Never getting over the hurt of a former love-thang leads to an I’m gonna get you before you get me mentality forcing an uphill battle for every chick who comes behind the bish that broke his heart. In addition men’s lack of dealing with their hurt breeds a transactional secksual relationship that men employ and enjoy so well, a laundry list of non committed smanging! This is what some men refer to as being a man, this is what I refer to as being a whore but it could be semantics, yo no se!

Men and women alike refuse to learn the lessons presented in their prior relationships and use those tools to build better ones in the future. Instead they hold onto the verklemptness left by heauxs and dogs thus greasing an already slippery emotional wheel. And while many women have outlets for their hurt feelings and post break up misery, men do not resulting in what some call dogs. But as a small note, it’s always easier to blame others than taking responsibility for one’s own shortcomings no shade. But what says you Lovelies, do women create dogs? Do dogs create bitter bishes? Speak on it in the comments and as always to share is to care and hashish!

3 Responses to “Pop Culture Wednesday: Do Nice Guys Finish Last”
  1. There is nothing wrong with a woman who creates a dog. I think it is a necessary evil in today’s dating. It happens, and I agree, a lot has to do with the poor choice in women (speaking for me, I did not know that “women” & “loser” can be spoken in the same breath, I take responsibility for that nevertheless) on the man’s or just the man being low-value as a mate to most women.

    But women at least used to complain about “where are all the nice/decent/good men” which usually (not always) means I am looking for a sucker to commit now that I am getting older and need financial support and/or social status with my female peers.

    So, guys try to adjust to what women SAY they want, which more often than not tend to be lies, lies on top of lies.

    I think because men through words (internet blogs) & action (become players or dropped out of the dating world completely) has FORCED women to become more honest about & try to justify their mating choices. Women still lie, but not as much, because men will be right there lockstep to call them out.

    The men in question, just need to learn the truth & become better men period.

    I don’t hold women accountable by default, because I like my women cooperative, dainty & free of any of real responsibility.

    So, they can be as sarcastic & snarky as you.

    Good Day…

    • Faith M. says:

      Thanks kindly for the comment. Question, have women actually stopped complaining that there are no good men out there…I feel like this is something I still hear quite regularly? Side note I don’t believe that women have gotten more honest about what they want from a man which is part of the reason why we have so much confusion in dating and mating, women are scared to voice their real wants for fear of being called something other than a lady. Not to mention both women and men have unrealistic expectations of the other but that’s a post for another day and time.

      • Adonis says:

        I can do the legwork for you. On-line, women are giving nice guys that work, and telling them that they ain’t ish or really secretly jerks.

        In real life, private conservations, I have an idea, but not sure.

        If I had to guess, women are honest when our of earshot of men. Same on-line. Women will admit mistakes, when they think men are not paying attention.

        Check out the comments in Clutch


        Where are all the good men, usually comes from the late twenties/over thirty crowd. Biological clock/settle down vibe.

        Yeah, we can write a book & still not scratch the surface.

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