Book of Questions Fridays: Who Should You Date – The Rulebook

Exactly my point, looks heavily influence whether we follow the non dating rules, I'm just saying!

Exactly my point, looks heavily influence whether we follow the non dating rules, I’m just saying!

Friday’s Question from the Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PH.D., is question #28 If you were single, what rules would you have about seeing people who were already involved with someone or who had just broken up? What about co-workers or other people you deal with on a daily basis? What experiences have led you to these rules?

Non-dating rules are broken in direct correlation with the Potential’s hauteness. If said Potential is less than average looking past him will be relatively easy. However if the Potential is say Mechad Brooks haute the rules fly completely out of the window. If only dating & mating life was regulated to simple blacks and whites. Since life comes alive in Technicolor being able to aggressively stick to a dating rule is in one word, tricky and in another word, complicated. It has been my experience saying never really means maybe and will eventually find its way to a yes if the right circumstance arises. With that said there are a few will not date rules that I will “never” knowingly break anymore. Hindsight is 20/20 and hashish.

Never Date Rule # 1 – Never Date a Gent Who is Seriously Involved with Another Chick.

And by seriously involved I mean married, engaged, or a long-term commitment that constitutes common law marriage in most states. Those relationships are the ones to avoid like the plague, mostly because it’s wrong but partly because it will bring nothing but unnecessary drama to your life space. Women are dramatic by nature and this only amplifies with peen in the mix. The heights of bat shyt crazy a scorned woman will reach are endless. I’m not talking simple name calling I’m talking about calling your phone in the wee hours of the morning nonstop for hours, showing up at your place of employment causing a scene in front of your co-workers, and/or carving her name in the leather seats of your newly purchased semi luxury automobile. Not that I’m talking from experience, I have friends and hashish! Word? Word!

In addition to dealing with Stalky McStalkerson aka his wife it’s just, I don’t know, wrong. Dating & mating a gent seriously involved with another woman builds up your negative karma. You definitely keep them how you get them. iStruggle with how you think steaming up the sheets with a man already obligated to another chick won’t sneak up and bite you in your bum. Having seen this played out too many times and not for play play I know it never ends well. Husbands rarely leave their wives for bishes willing to jump on an owned pogo stick. Not that husbands don’t leave their wives because we know they do but the likelihood that your heaux arse is who he leaves her for is few and far between. Although heauxs stayed winning in 2012 but I’d still err on the side of caution, plus losing your life for some uck me pumps, the leftover lazy doodle, and a side piece title is not the business.

Never Date Rule # 2 – Never Date a Gent already Claimed By a Close Friend.

Now off the cuff this rule is a little subjective. How does one claim a man that is not her own? I know she can’t but women tend to do this all the time. The random guy your friend saw at the Starbucks catapults to her next baby daddy and since she saw him first you’re not allowed to date him. Doesn’t matter that he has no clue who she is, she’s laid claim to him and he is now fugly to you. Those be the breaks but rest assured you are also allowed this same irrational behavior. Of course this dating rule does not apply to anyone who is simply your friend on social networking sites. You actually have to interact in the real world for some random gent to be taken out of play completely. I’m just saying if you allowed this craptastic dating rule to get out of control you might end up in a convent.

I follow this rule because I live by the motto chicks before sticks. It’s just how I roll. Not to mention that none of the men my close friends date and have dated have ever raised my eyebrow. The likelihood that this would ever compromise my dating & mating escapades would be few and far between. Not that that is the full reason I chose to abide by this unwritten rule, but it does have a lot to do with it remember the hauteness scale. More importantly I value my friends and I would never want to intentionally hurt feelings especially over a boytool. Dating someone that’s been placed in time out would go against my grain as a friend, and I don’t play those games.

Never Date Rule # 3 – Rarely Never Date a Co-Worker

Unfortunately my real world experience with this tells me that co-worker smashing while making late night work much more exciting is definitely for the birds. Rarely if ever have I seen this end well. Someone always catches feelings and makes work awkward. Work awkwardness is arse biting and co-workers are nosier than neighbors. Trying to mask an affair is futile with work trolls analyzing every glance, good morning, and lunch invite. Not to mention work already exists as a place that I have to go to maintain my life space so adding the verklemptness of an ex only heightens an already stressful experience. Stress impacts my ability to make money and mama ain’t losing her shoe allowance for a boardroom romp.

As a side note to this if you find yourself in the midst of a scandalous occupational affair make sure the person you’re working has more to lose than you. Nothing says keeping my job like a little pillow talk blackmail, I’m just saying!

These are just a few of the people on my do not date list. In theory all of the rules make sense but we all know theory and practicality are twisted sisters. As I mentioned earlier if any of these Potentials serves Vince Vaughn realness circa 1998 these rules fly far far away. I’m just saying they will. Oh yeah as a rule of thumb only date someone recently severed from a serious relationship if you’re in it for the heaux-capades, otherwise hurt feelings will ensue, consider yourself warned. And of course avoid friends of men you’ve seriously dated…this could cause more than hurt feelings.

As always Lovelies speak your piece in the comments. If you were single, what rules would you have about seeing people who were already involved with someone or who had just broken up? What about co-workers or other people you deal with on a daily basis? What experiences have led you to these rules? Clearly I avoided the experiences that led me to these rules but I consider you Lovelies a smart group who can put two and two together to make four. As always to share is the care and hashish.


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