Pop Culture Wednesday: Super Bowl at the Beyonce Concert…My Thoughts on the Thundergoat

In my mind Beyonce is totally a 21st Century rip off of Tina Turner with less real life experience in her lyrics....just my thoughts!!!

In my mind Beyonce is totally a 21st Century rip off of Tina Turner with less real life experience in her lyrics….just my thoughts!!!

Let me go on the record now I neither Stan for nor Hate on Beyonce. Shocking considering she’s such the polarizing figure. Given her lack of a true personality, no shade but she appears vapid and extremely dull in real life, I find her polarization hard to understand but whateves. Stans got their life as they watched “Motha” perform at the Super Bowl and of course the Hate Mob took to social media to dispel the fantabulousness of the performance. Personal feelings, it wasn’t great and it wasn’t shitty. However, by far Beyonce’s show was the most entertaining since Janet introduced her nipple to the masses. That of course isn’t saying much, Super Bowl halftime shows are typically lackluster. Remember my non Stanning before I make this next comment, why does the Beyonce Hate-Mob claim the Thundergoat can’t sing and dance and then point to irrelevant pop artists as examples of Beyonce’s lack of talent? Additionally not only are the irrelevant pop stars mentioned but lauded as if they match Beyonce toe-to-toe on any level.

The Halftime show was definitely entertaining. I won’t lie. Beyonce looked great in her normal Tina Knowles’ upscale hooker apparel and when she teleported Kelli and Michelle from the lower realm of female pop star obscurity to the top of the stage, I smiled. Now Michelle, God bless her rickety soul, definitely needs to work on her choreography because Betty White’s almost in a rocker arse could’ve hit those steps with ease. But on a brighter note, Kelli looked amazing. She sang great even when the Thundergoat turned her mic down. Overall I low key enjoyed the revised version of Beyonce’s Children Destiny’s Child even Michelle. I don’t quite get why so many felt the need to praise Bey and down Michelle. Shout out to LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, hindsight is 20/20 ladies.

Here’s the transcripts Lovelies anyone who says that Beyonce can’t sing is either tone deaf or simply lying. Stylistically she may not be your cup of tea with the extra bravado of it all and her lyrics are definitely juvenile but to say the woman can’t sing might be the lie of the century. Please give credit where credit is due, Beyonce has vocals. Hell her best acting roles were the ones where she sung because Lord knows the chile has not one acting bone in her whole damn body. But I digress, when the Hate Mob brings up this point I give them a strong side eye o____0! While I’m even less a fan of say, Alicia Keys, I admit that she has vocals when she’s not stretching her voice beyond its natural limits, see chorus to Girl on Fire. Beyonce arguably has vocals that surpass most “singers” of today. What relevant pop star has vocals that rival the Thundergoat? Yeah I hear crickets too. Who’s that you say, Jennifer Hudson…maybe and the legitimacy of her relevance rests on some thin arse ice, even with Smash, her Grammy and Oscar. I’m just saying. In her sleep, Beyonce’s voice slays a million Rihanna’s any day of the week. She just does and I’m a RiRi fan, don’t judge me.

If we switch directions and bring up Beyonce and her dancing skills, while noticeably weaker in this arena than singing I again challenge you to pull a relevant pop star out of your hat to match and/or surpass her. Years ago one could have said Brittany Spears but that ship sailed when she went GI Jane PTSD loco on us. Rihanna definitely rivals Beyonce in terms of star appeal and I want to know-ness from the public but no one here can legitimately part his or her lips and say that Rihanna out dances Beyonce. Now Ciara murders Beyonce without an effing doubt but there are 10 year olds who couldn’t successfully pick Ciara out of a line up if the only person there was Ciara. You’d be hard pressed to find a grade school age girl not somehow Beyonce influenced. No shade, I enjoy Ciara being a present day Aaliyah. Both follow the Janet Jackson rule of pop artistry, dazzle em with dance and no one will realize your lack of singing talent, J-Lo. Again, this is not me Stanning I am without a doubt an Aaliyah and Janet supporter.

If we combine the uncompromised ability to sing and dance, both of which only increase one’s ability to put on a spectacular live show, there isn’t a female pop artist who can sit on the same toilet as Beyonce Knowles. None share her overall talent or “it” factor. And we all know the “it” factor is what makes anyone relevant, ask Olivia. I may not drool at Beyonce’s feet or spend money to see her shows but I can’t deny her ability to put on a stellar performance both vocally and visually. I mean if the only shade people can throw is she may not have had her own baby or she lip synced to her own prerecorded vocals she is in one word, WINNING. I’m just saying she is. Quiet as its kept Rihanna’s scandals are twenty times more entertaining than her music; don’t get me wrong California King Bed is the hashish. Beyonce’s career on the other hand is less scandalous and more about the music. Being the indifferent fan that I am,iStruggle writing this and know that I’ve lost several kool kid points. Personally I am of the Chrisette Michelle, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande school of music. True artists who care less about the razzle dazzle of it all and more about the art. None of those names are currently top billers and will more than likely never make it to the Super Bowl stage but just because I “Stan” for them doesn’t mean I Hate the Thundergoat. And even though I’d argue that at least two surpass her vocal reach and all are on her level none of them will ever be a pop super star. It is what it is. If you ask me Beyonce is an upgraded public friendly bootlegged 21st century Tina Turner…in my humble opinion.

If anyone even mentions that stranger to the game Keri Hilson I will do nothing more than laugh and say bye bish!

But what says you Lovelies, how do you feel about the Thundergoat? Are you a STAN, Fan, or Indifferent? What did you think of the Halftime show? What says you, speak on it in the comments and remember to share is to care and hashish.

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