Monday Ranting/ Dating & Mating: The Epidemic of Chill

So it seems men are all following tip 27...SMDH!!!

So it seems men are all following tip 27…SMDH!!!

On this dating and mating journey we hit many bumps, pit stops, and traffic jams but we keep on driving. Mostly because we hope the road eventually ends with happily ever after, basically we’re gambling with our emoticons. Right? Right! One of the lanes often traveled, one many women detest, is the chill zone. I like to think of it as the easy path to the pucci when dealing with chicks which explains why so many men adopt it as the dating and mating go to, small investments with high returns. And if I’ve learned anything about the boys they are creatures of habit who always drive the lane of least resistance.

Persons of the ovary persuasion read Chilling for what it truly is, an opportunity for the secks. Let’s be adult about it, no one really wants to watch sappy romance movies except Bishes with 100 cats who allow it to serve as soft core p0rno. I’m just saying Friends with Benefits wasn’t award winning cinema. Most men don’t want to sit and watch ratchet reality television or “smart” comedies either. Chilling or Watching Movies is hidden in plain sight code for mouth hugs and invasions of vaghistan. Trust there is nothing slick or covert about this smash strategy. And unless chicks are down with the friends with benies life space, allowing a man to chill in her place is not complimentary replacement for courting. Honestly women don’t even consider this dating. If the first date suggestion is chilling, he immediately transforms from Potential Beau to another dude looking for a whiff. Not saying that conversions from Whiffer to Beau fly completely out the window but it definitely sets the stage for future dating & mating escapades as well as drawing the map for the relationship going forward. He knows he can do the absolute least and still get the best that you got, no Anita Baker. Expectations of awesome need to be established at the onset of dating & mating or you’ll be in store for disappointment and verklemptness. Word? Word!

Showing up with a half empty bottle of Ciroc and a smile does not courting make. Believe it or not women, excluding the Heauxs, prefer being dated. Where have all the gentlemen gone? What happened to dinner and a movie, hell a cup of effing coffee my dude! Chilling unlike Splenda is an inadequate sugary substitution for dating, at least in the minds of most women. Far too often chicks and sticks’ intentions are distant relatives twice removed. While chicks are searching for Potentials, sticks are looking for the next hole…that was in poor taste I know but this is my house and I live here. Any who! For better or for worse these roads converge in the path commonly known as Chilling. Men avoid the courting process and take the short cut to pucci palace. Frankly, 2 adults attracted to one another in a small space…there’s but so much conversation and cinema that can be had. In conclusion, someone’s losing a little bit of vagina. True? True! Knowing this, men take full advantage of tight quarters and close proximity.

Granted if I were only “dating” chicks for the downtown bonanza I’d prefer the easiest method to score, literally. Why waste precious time and money courting a chick when a little strange is all I’m after, seems counter-productive. I get that I truly do. Unfortunately the Heauxs have men confused. Ratchets have deluded men into thinking a night of channel surfing and a lazy doodle is the business. And for that anti- business, a man unwraps the package without paying for the gift. iCan’t and iWon’t with the Heauxs creating potholes in the already bumpy dating & mating highway. Problems emerge as men have gone from occasionally driving down Chill Lane to pulling over making a complete stop.

Instead of adding Chilling to their arsenal of get the panty tricks, it’s grown to be the first resort and the road most traveled whether men are dealing with Heauxs or Ladies. Pause, this is where my panties bunch. I don’t treat Potentials like Whiffers. I think that applies to most women. If I’m using a man solely for his man parts there’s little room for getting to know him questions beyond drug and disease free. However if I see a gent as a Potential he will get access to me in ways the Whiffer could never imagine. Bottom line, I differentiate. I’d prefer that men followed this same path to excellence. Of course I know that men rarely behave as I want. If they did making a genuine dating effort wouldn’t be met with such signs of indignation.

Not sure when the whole dating & mating game shifted, I fully blame the Heauxs, but I also blame men. Just as easy as it is for me to decipher a Whiffer from a Potential, men should separate the Heauxs from the Ladies and treat them accordingly. No more Chilling for the sake of Chilling expecting to reach the pucci palace without putting in the work. And please this is not a form of tricking…there’s a difference between courting a Wife and buying Heauxs get em girl pumps. But what says you Lovelies, what are your feelings on the ever present dating & mating practice of Chilling? Are women’s expectations of men too high? Have Heauxs provided too much access to the P? In my mind Chilling has truly become an epidemic but I could be biased being a chick and all. Speak on it in the comments and as always to share is to care and hashish!

Side note check this Black & Sexy TV’s blog series That Guy Episode 02 – The Chill Arrest – pretty much speaks for itself.


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