Monday Ranting: A Lesson in Practicing Patience

Whenever I hear or think about this story I envision this scene from Street Fighter…it’s wrong and right at the same damn time!!!

By now everyone has read about or watched the actual footage of a Cleveland Bus Driver tiger uppercut a young rat of the hood. I’m not going to tell you anything new aside from recently learning that said rat of the hood spit in the bus driver’s face when I initially thought she slapped him. Spitting is undoubtedly a game changer. Spitting is vile. There is no other way to describe the depths of disrespect that spitting on someone reaches. Aside from pissing, no Arruh Kelly, there are few things I can think of that conjure up more beat that bishes arse thoughts. I’m just saying there aren’t. Not that I condone a grown man putting dem paws on a frail girl. However when women step out of their protective female cloak into the realm of male-ness by taking up fists, spittle, feet, and objects the rules fly out of the window.

Let me say this again to avoid any angry feminist marching through my page on their mission to make everyone drop to his knees in silent respect before the vag, I do not condone violence against women. Abusive domestic situations are not what it’s made for; having first hand witnessed this type of behavior I do know it’s lasting reach. With that said, there is no reason to assume that if you put your hands on someone regardless of gender that that person will not put his/her hands on you. Hello you brought it on yourself, remember grade school and use your words. I’m just saying words last longer anyway…not that I promote verbal abuse either.

Being a woman doesn’t give you carte blanche to do and say whatever you want without repercussion. If women expect men to control their behavior, we too are responsible to mind our manners. I was taught for every action there is a reaction, some positive and some not so positive. Gender really has nothing to do with that. Except when it does. For unknown reasons women falsely believe they can both receive preferential treatment for rocking the rack and be treated as equals. And I know some fembot will argue that being treated as a lady is not the same as preference to which I respond, getcha life.

For as long as I can remember the rules of hitting have been presented as such, hitting is wrong. Do not hit anyone unless you want to get hit back. Men should not hit women. Why for come do we need the qualifying sentence, men should not hit women. Are women not anyone? Did I miss something…if one should not hit anyone I thoroughly believe that would include ovary holders? Right? Right! To acknowledge the qualifier we accept or agree that women are not anyone and therefore not equal to men hence the need to be protected. Further still, if we believe this mantra we infantilize women. Women are children. And while children are subject to these rules we understand that until they are adults they do not fully understand the ramifications of their actions. Therefore if women are children their behavior is not given the same weight as a man. If that is the case, we bypassed the first and second rules and women are allowed to hit men with no repercussion. And to that I call bullshit!!!

Absolute and utter bullshit, no one has the right to put his/her hands on anyone. To me the first and second rules are the only rules that apply. If you put your hands on someone else be prepared to get hit back regardless of the downtown bonanza. Following that route Mr. Bus Driver was well within his right to strike back. The great poet laureates Brand Nubian said, “Punks jump up to get beat down.” Interchange punk for yamp or rat of the hood and there it is. Boom! Snatch back wearing hookers who put their hands and spit on others deserve what comes their way. iCan’t and iWon’t feel sympathy for a disrespectful arse bish who thinks she has the cloak of female protection. In the same step you can’t leap into a man’s loafers and rock a woman’s pumps. I’m just saying we only have a pair of feet so wearing both is out of the question.

Personally I hope I never have to put my hands on anyone, violence is bad for my complexion. It’s a game I don’t play. I’m sure there are some among the crowd who feel differently and I welcome those opinions. As always to share is to care and hashish!


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