Monday Ranting & Pop Culture Wednesdays: 2012 is a Year of Debauchery: Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion Ep 1 Review

This is a good and bad thing all at the same time…

Lovelies, Lovelies, Lovelies this year is the coming of Beelzebub. I have no other way to explain it besides saying that Satan walks and his lure is reality television. Monday night I took in everything that is ratchet and wrong with life in a short hour program and shamefully I loved each and every minute of it. Seriously? Seriously! Don’t judge me bicth! Tomfuckery ensued from the very beginning. Love & Hip Hop ATL never fails to delight.

I must say that K. Michelle is quite the shade throwing pro. Her tongue is by far one of the slickest I’ve heard in a long time…at least on the telly. Did anyone catch when she said Karlie Redd marched with Martin Luther and the King. Chile that wasn’t even the funniest thing because when she called her Harriet Tubman all I could do to breathe, was close my eyes and pause the station. Yes I was not going to miss a millisecond of the hootlarity while trying not to die from laughter. Did anyone else envision a Root-esque Karlie Redd saying, “I’s gone do anyting fo des tracks massa!” Oh just me, ok well whatever I have an 80’s baby imagination. For the absolute life of me iCan’t understand why Karlie is so ashamed to be in her 40’s. Granted it will do nothing to revive her walking dead career but hell I know tons of middle-aged women who would love to look like Karlie, lopsided bum and all. I am not one of those haters, Karlie Redd looks good for her age be it 29-50. She is a whole problem. I also dislike her co-signing Rasheeda’s nonsense about K. Michelle not getting a Memphitz beat down. That’s not a good look boo boo!

Anywho while we’re talking about Rasheeda did anyone else peep her extra gully but simultaneously non violent attempt to get gansta. Was this another Faith moment? I did take note that when K. Michelle mentioned the bags under Rasheeda’s eyes a fire must have lit in her crotch because she sprang up quicker than a whore in church. Sadly the exclamation of her foul treatment of her husband only mustered a little side eye. Sad? Sad! Clearly her appearance even trumps Kirk. He and his extra large Adam’s apple need to pay close attention. Funny with all of those dramatics, K. Michelle’s feathers seemed unruffled. In the words of Evelyn “Non-Mother Effing Factor” Lozada, Rasheeda” ain’t bout that life” and K. Michelle knows this.

The highlight of my viewing experience had to be Joseline Hernandez playing Joseline Hernandez. This bish right here is a bucket of laughs. Steebie J wasn’t wrong when he said she has an appeal, a twisted sort of train wreckish appeal but appeal none the less. I so enjoy her heauxology and slut monkey tactics. Now she can take a whole seat with those lies about her bum being real but otherwise I am a closet Joseline Hernandex fan, mostly because she keeps it 100 and is,”…a child of God and eff everybody who doesn’t believe it.” That is a rarity in this life of sin. Take her ménage a trios mate, Mimi for example, she doesn’t realize that the reason people find fault with her has nothing to do with being the victim of a cheating significant other. If that were simply the case, folks would show her love and display their very own bitter bish coins. The problem her knowingly engaging in this three way relationship and then crying wolf, bye boo with that nonsense. I suspect most folks aren’t built to show sympathies to someone crying while knowingly participating in the tomfuckery and shenanigans. Mimi grab two whole seats \_ \_! On a real note Joseline needs a sincere Christian hug…I’m not even a hugger but this is a chick who needs an ugly come to Gawd cry. Getcha life girl!

Scrappy and Erica’s moments faded into the background of my mind. Their storyline will not pop until Buckey and her Hair show up and show out. Lovelies when that heaux hits the stage fireworks will ensue, mark my words. I have no words for Steebie J outside of the fact that iLoved his shoes, stunting on these heauxs.

On a serious note this show shines light on how delusional women are about men and relationships. Really? Really! As much as women are up in arms about what’s on the screen they need to take stock of what’s going on in their own lives. How many of us know/are a Mimi or a Joseline or a Karlie Redd? Heauxs aren’t a Love & Hip Hop ATL phenomena and female doormats aren’t a 2012 invention. It begs the question, does art imitate life or life imitate art?

So Lovelies, what are your thoughts on the debauchery that is Love & Hip Hop ATL. Speak your piece in the comments and as always to share is to care and hashish!

One Response to “Monday Ranting & Pop Culture Wednesdays: 2012 is a Year of Debauchery: Love & Hip Hop ATL Reunion Ep 1 Review”
  1. I try not to watch that mess, but when it comes on, my Twitter and Facebook timelines ERUPT with updates about them.

    Favorite line: “this is a chick who needs an ugly come to Gawd cry”…hilarious!


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