Monday Ranting: Dating & Mating Theories I’m Not Here For

This is what happens with you add one too many bitter bish coins to the piggy bank…be careful out there on these dating and mating streets Lovelies!

Every once in awhile I sit back and chillax with chicks and discuss men. Hell who am I kidding most of the time spent with girls minus shopping and talking about shopping is spent talking about men. We also discuss what makes the universe tick and politics, ‘cause we cultured and hashish! However, men are the most importantly unimportant factors in our young lives. As the motto goes, can’t live with them, can’t kill them. That doesn’t sound right, oh well you Lovelies get my drift. Sitting and listening to the actual factuals presented by women makes me realize that chicks and sticks operate in two separate and distinct hemispheres. There are several “dating & mating theories” I hear from ladies that I’m just not here for, mostly because they don’t make much sense to me.

Hold Off 90 Days Before Giving Away The Pucci!

Arbitrary rules about secks are just that, arbitrary. This is one of those things that in theory makes perfect sense but has no real world application. Here’s the thing having the secks with someone shouldn’t be regulated to a specific timeframe. One should entertain hitching a ride on the downtown bonanza once one is ready to partake in such festivities. But I do believe the sentiment behind this random probationary period is valid. Yeah I said valid. Word? Word!

Dig it, the intention was simple, if your point of dating a man is to build a lasting relationship you should take some time to get to know said man to determine whether his soldier’s worthy of invading vagisthan. That is no way discounts the heaux free spirited secksually revolutionized woman. Sweetie freely sharing the pucci with whomever you deem deserving is all the way your business but be mindful you get out what you put in. If you treat your body like a subway train don’t expect anything more than random passengers. This is not to say that first date secks doesn’t morph into full fledged relationships but I’d bet my next pay check that’s the exception and not the rule.

Having Secks Equals Exclusivity!

Oddly enough women believe that once they open the downtown bonanza for service it’s a one man show. They consequently expect that same level of exclusivity from their partners. Now don’t get me wrong secks minus attachment is not everyone’s hashish. Hell many aren’t even that good at it because O’s produce endorphins that disguise lust as love. But Lovelies please be mindful if you haven’t talked the talk believe a man is not walking the walk. Men love to play house without acknowledging said house. I know it seems wrong but remember when that man told you that he wasn’t interested in a relationship…yeah he meant it. He will no doubt sample your lady lumps and the lady lumps of others while you thumb through baby books and plan a couples’ vacation. A man will hide behind this veil of “truth” until you go apeshyt on him for hanging out with the next bish in a park. Then he will tell you in so many words, we ain’t together, we just slept together. In his mind he never lied but you are left to your verklempt feelings, bitter bish coins, and another rider on your pucci train. Be careful on these dating and mating streets ladies, evil lurks!

Men Are Intimidated By Me!

O_o…girl get your life! Here’s the thing, I in no way believe women intimidate men unless they look like Waka Flocka Mama! She is all types of scary about the face and when she opens her mouth she roars. That is intimidating but overall womenfolk don’t operate like this. I hear women sing this sad song all the time. It just never ever ever resonates with me. Mostly because their reason for why a man’s intimidated point to things that are necessary for grown folk life. What is actually intimidating about having a job, reading good, and a place of your own? This shyt is not intimidating it’s…expected. As a grown arse adult you should have a job, read good, and have a place to live. Adults in age but not practice are the only ones out here that don’t have these things. And quite frankly it’s not truly impressive.

Women get this through your heads the same way we don’t praise a man for “raising his kids” is the same reason you’re not intimidating a man when you sustain yourself as an adult. No one is giving your arse a cookie or a high five for doing what grown folk have done from the dawn of time. Get off that hashish expeditiously. Now many of these sad song bishes are control freaks, naggers with an uncompromising spirit who don’t regularly smile, now that will scare a man away in a heartbeat. Not saying it’s right but from my observation what chicks deduce as intimidation is simply irritation. No one wants to deal with anyone who is not happy on her own accord, treat a man like he’s not needed, or just another notch on her life accomplishment belt. I’m just saying.

These are just a few of the dating and mating things from the chick side of life I’m not STAN-ing for at the present. Of course there are tons of things that men do and say that require a cruel and unusual side eye. Maybe I’ll tackle that beast next week. Anywho speak your piece in the comments. As always to share is to care and hashish!

2 Responses to “Monday Ranting: Dating & Mating Theories I’m Not Here For”
  1. as per usual…so many beautiful lines…

    however, i will challenge the concept of men being intimidated by women. so, it’s not that a woman living as an adult should that bothers them but it’s a particular kind of woman who comes across a particular kind of man. a driven woman moves speedily about her life, getting it done with or without help & certainly without permission (ie. feeling the need to talk it over w/anyone). what i have learned is that a small man will come up on just how small he truly is when dealing with such a woman & WILL BE intimidated by his inability to keep up. it doesn’t inspire him to do bigger or better but to find a woman who’s about a whole lot less, lest she eff around & have some expectations that he at least look like he’s about something. but that’s all paraphrasing from my mama–& my own experience. LOL!!

    • That’s why communication is KEY. It’s amazing how despite all the words that come out of peoples’ mouths, hardly anything is really said.

      I really believe that when a woman how you say…give up the pucci, they believe that things are hereby exclusive. It has to be discussed that this is what it gonna be, or the guy isn’t gonna think that they’re a couple. I know you just said that, I was just seconding that emotion. 🙂


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