Pop Culture Wednesday: Shenanigans, Tomfuckery, and Hoopla: Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 8 Review

iCan’t deny these two have chemistry that I don’t see with Mimi…sorry Mimi you’re still a friend in my head!

What didn’t happen on Monday’s episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL? Lovelies these folk are showing their entire ARSES for the free world and it’s giving me life. Mona Scott-Young served the kids a load of hood rat antics ripe with shenanigans, tomfuckery, and hoopla. iCan’t with Mona Scott-Young and her rag tag band of hooligans. She makes me want to hug Wander passionately after every episode for being a real mama in a world of basic bishes. Yes Lovelies Monday night Rasheeda let a butch bish go ham on her husband with reckless abandon, Joseline took up fisticuffs and made Steebie J watch for the hook, and Scrappy allowed a slut monkey to sit at the table for real bishes. These dating and mating games are not for children, and iWon’t even speak on the child under the stairs that is Mimi’s brother.

On the low I think Mimi got Steebie J beat up by a tranny. Hear me out on this one. She mentioned to her sister in arms, Ariane that Joseline called her and told her that she’s not going to stop seeing Steebie because his peen is like Whoa. And Boom…theory proved! Now I’m not a violent person but if a hooker calls my phone to tell me what she’s not going to stop doing with a man I’m calling my own is a basic bish that wants the taste slapped out of her mouth. Quiet as it’s kept some folks don’t respond to adult communication and you have to dig deep and pull out that Shondranettakisha that resides in us all. Hell some of y’all don’t even have to dig deep. Once you pull that gutter bish out use her bevy of hood tactics to snatch wigs. Not that I feel sorry for Steebie he brought the reign of terror on himself with the perspiration nose wipe. It was the straw that broke Mimi’s back. It was just the stab she needed to jab Joseline with that we live together punch. Which is code for Joseline how does my cookie taste. After that all hell broke loose in the therapy session. I can’t even fault Joseline allowing her emotions to get the best of her and swinging viciously on Steebie for the dirty d*ck that he is. Again I low key like this heaux as much as iStruggle to hate her. She gives me so much in a world that gives so little. Mimi needs to work on her issues though because getting the upper hand on a basic bish isn’t an accomplishment. My word!

Lovelies remember I kicked Scrappy off Friendship Island. He is doing the absolute most with the absolute least. On a side note I would like VH1 to invest in closed captioning. But anywho Buckey and her basic bish-ness is ruining my viewing experience. My heart smiled when Rasheeda gave Scrappy the WTF look while hugging Buckey in the studio. Her whole face read I know damn well you don’t have this horse wearing hooker all up and through the studio two hot minutes off your break-up with Erica? Rasheeda is a real chick and real friend. Once Buckey galloped out of the studio the Boss Bish stepped right to Scrappy and asked the question, who is this heaux? Well not in those words but that was the implication. Scrappy tap danced around the question but I appreciate Rasheeda being a friend and letting him know his shyt stinks. On a side note I need that hood-fabulous arse ratchet song that was playing in the background, because well that’s how I live.

Rasheeda did misstep. No I’m not talking about the meet and greet with Wacka Flocka mom but that was a hot ghetto arse mess. Lovelies Deb ain’t manager extraordinaire and she is an abrasive frightening bish. I low key think she has a d*ck. Not a peen a big arse rhino d*ck. Lawd that woman is hard and not in a good way. I hate seeing a man get emasculated by women, it hurts my heart. And I think Kirk rides so hard for Rasheeda, she needs to give him some iota of credit. I be damn if I would sit silent while an ole aggressive butch bish went in on my loving husband. There is a proper way to address everyone. But yeah what I was saying is Rasheeda shouldn’t have mentioned the Buckey thing to the girls before mentioning it to Erica. This was a little bit messy in my opinion. I gave Rasheeda a friendly side eye because iCan’t stay mad at her because she’s so effing pretty. I see why Kirk is ‘Sheeda-drunk! (Insert Steebie J. face)

Here’s some real, Rasheeda has talent and is very attractive but I think she’s past her prime for commercial success. This is not hating or shade. Had Rasheeda hooked up with Wacka Flocka mama or someone like that 10-15 years ago she could be Nicki Minaj. I truly believe this but right now, her lyrics are too raunchy for Middle America. There is no way to sugar coat, “…Ya d*ck little, need ya tongue to make it even…” To remove the references all you’d have left would be a melody and well what fun is that. Without blushing, I invest time in listening to songs like this and appreciate there is an independent lane for folk like Rasheeda but she does need to catch the clue that she will never be Nicki in this life. I’m still a fan.

On a side note, Erica is so lucky she avoided that fight with Joseline in an earlier episode. Did y’all see Joseline headlock Steebie and toss those security men like rag dolls? Joseph served us when a woman’s scorned realness. Some things you just can’t fake. But anywho speak your piece in the comments Lovelies. Are you up to date on the tomfuckery and shenanigans? As always to share is to care and hashish!


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