Book of Questions Friday: Everyone’s in His Birthday Suit

Now if they walked into my office in suits this is how I’d really see them!!!!

Friday’s Question, from the Book of Questions Love & Sex by Gregory Stock, PH.D., is question #12. When you meet people do you ever imagine what they look like naked or what they are like sexually? How would you feel if you knew someone were musing about you in this way?

Is this a trick question? Isn’t that a natural human reaction I mean I definitely don’t see a haute guy and think I bet he’s… smart! I have on occasion seen an attractive man and thought I wonder. This is not my usual form; my mom didn’t raise a sloppy heaux. No one’s ever accused me of walking around like a bulldog with his pink wanker sticking out ready to jump. But I also can’t turn off my mind. It wanders sometimes and if I partake of a heavenly sight I might consider his skills. This is less likely to happen at the office. I try to regulate my thoughts to business only because I prefer work straight with no chaser. And my immediate male co-workers ain’t what it’s made for, at least not for me. That isn’t shade I would hope none of them are picturing me butt butterball nekkid. Now when I was a traveling consultant that was a little different…there were a couple of times I had to pull the stallion back in the stable. Overall this behavior doesn’t faze me and in some ways I appreciate a men appreciating me.

Maybe from a man’s perspective this is something of a rarity. As a woman I experience men ogling me from near and far. By 19, I grew confident and comfortable with the skin I’m in. Wandering male eyes, groin touches, and grunts barely register. If I allowed sideways male behavior to get under my skin I might as well take up wearing burkas. Since Humidity is a trifling wench we all know that’s not going down. Now there are times that men will even make the girl uncomfortable. Those times are typically limited to late night dark alley type deals. Wander didn’t raise a fool. No one samples these goodies by force, not without a fight at least. Now there are foodstuffs that I refuse to eat in public, mainly bananas and ice cream. Take from that what you will.

Work! Well that’s a whole ‘nother ball game Lovelies. My immediate work mates are Debbie Downers but the extended office is filled with cuties of different persuasions. As a surveyor of the rainbow I do delight in the United Colors of Benetton. On occasion my eye catches glimpses of haute-ness leading my mind down paths of absolute debauchery. But for me sometimes it’s not the actual visual, for instance one of my co-workers has a surprisingly deep voice, considering his stature, and I remember hearing him sans sight and thinking I want that voice whispering not for public consumption pleasantries in my ear. Only to turn the corner and barf a touch in my mouth for even thinking of him in that fashion, not that he’s ungodly but the last place I want his hands are on my lady parts. Quiet as it’s kept men in uniforms suits do it for me, however I contain this throbbing at work because no one wants a ditzy black girl in their office flustered about the face in a secks daze. Trust I’m about my business…most of the time. Besides I’m so often on the receiving end of a dirty eyef#ck that I have very little time to take the offense.

Being the object of someone’s secksual fantasy doesn’t bother me. I want men to find me attractive. Yes yes I do. Why, because I find men attractive (not all men) and am still in the hunt for this elusive beast called a husband. If I were about that nun life space I might feel differently. I’m sure they’re not in the habit of dating and mating so why would this be a necessity. Could I do without being overly objectified and have the freedom to enjoy a banana in public, sure but none of this is making or breaking my day. To be honest unless I find a person physically attractive I probably won’t remember him. Tis truth Ruth! But that’s just me. What says you Lovelies: When you meet people do you ever imagine what they look like naked or what they are like sexually? How would you feel if you knew someone were musing about you in this way? Please speak on it in the comments, as always to share is to care and hashish!

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