Pop Culture Wednesday: The Miseducation of Mimi…Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 7 Review

She is a friend in my head!!

First things first I ‘Sheeda…oh wait no that’s not where I was going with this. First things first I am a fan of Mimi, mostly because I find her to be the least messy of the chicks in this series. And while I recognize that this show is scripted for our ratchet viewing pleasure I want them to stop making Mimi look like a wounded pigeon. That counseling scene almost made me want to throw my shoe at the television. And y’all know I’m not about that violent life space. It also forced me to realize that Steebie must pack dynamite in his trousers. He must, because for the life of me iCan’t wrap my head around his appeal. Wait I understand his initial appeal iDon’t understand why these chicks stay. As a female my only conclusion is the peen. I hate when it comes to this. I find myself wishing I had Mimi’s phone number so I could call her and say, “Bish! Please grab hold of your faculties. Recognize your worth and stop sniffing after a man that’s sniffing after a man!”

As much as we women like to row against the tide and denounce our attraction to ain’t shyt men we have countless examples of it to think it is a phenomena. I don’t say that to mean that every female is attracted to bad boys but I recognize and openly admit that women date men that are worthless. We do it often and with reckless abandon. Some of it stems from childhood, being comfortable with dysfunction, and others just like the drama. I have some sympathy for childhood nuances that develop into inappropriate and immature dating and mating pathologies. The chicken heads that enjoy dysfunction and drama are in a word, stupid. iCan’t and iWon’t with these hookers. Last night I came to realize that Mimi is one of those who suffer from childhood hashish that’s bled into her adult life. Unfortunately we can’t choose our family. On a side note, did Mimi say her mom abandoned her to join up with the scientologist? Is her mama white? My apologies for that hint of prejudice, moving right along.

One thing I hated to see was her question Steebie about why he cheated on her. It almost gives the cheater an out to blame his foul behavior on the cheatee…not cool. In my mind folk cheat for three reasons most of which have nothing to do with their mates, boredom, convenience, and curiosity. Steebie strikes me as a combo cheater, one who cheats out of convenience and curiosity. These types of cheaters are the hardest to break mostly because heaux on high alert sniff out curious/opportunistic cheaters and eat them for lunch. Heaux are crafty and they wear clever disguises, note Joseph’s Joseline’s many wig changes. I kid I kid. But seriously heaux are a sorted bunch and easily detect a man who won’t take the bait versus an idiot who will succumb at every pass. Ladies all men don’t cheat…but the ones that do aren’t that difficult to spot. Steebie J has that way about his face that screams my d*ck is dirty; I will eff a bish and go home to my wife in the same night. He just does.

But I get it. At first glance you might mistake Steebie for a stand up dude. He does have an air about him that I too find slightly appealing. Note I said slightly. Having never been in Steebie’s presence he strikes me as the type of dude that dresses well, smells nice, and talks big shyt. Women like this at first. Too many chicks get caught up in the first glance. If you couple the first glance with dynamite peen (Joseph mentioned it is the best she’s ever had and we know she’s not new to the rodeo.) that there is a recipe for disaster. Many a hooker have put up with a no count dude on the sheer strength of the peen, d*ck-drunk. Sad but true. Men are not above this, they deal with crazy heaux and I mean certifiably crazy heaux for the good good. To err is human! This is all I can muster for why anyone in her right mind would continue to stay with this man.

If that is the case this sea-saw might continue for another 12-15 years. The lure of the good good is strong. Mimi is caught up in the rapture coupled with her childhood abandonment issues, a true MESS! I suggest she do some soul searching with the real Jesus that died on the cross not a L. Ron Hubbard fantasy, get some solo dolo counseling, mingle while single, and keep it moving. Live and let love!

Anywho the rest of the episode I just have some questions please feel free to answer them in the comments.

  1. Where in the hell was K. Michelle hiding that bum? That bish is doing squats and hahish. Brazilian Butt Lift…okay!
  2. Did K. Michelle’s ENTIRE bum straddle that foot baller in a restaurant?
  3. If Scrappy had money to put into his daughter’s account how come he hasn’t paid to get Buckey’s hair did? Buckey served us a whole head full of thoroughbred Appaloosa horse hair.
  4. Why is Kirk playing a sucka emcee?
  5. Did Joseph tell Steebie he couldn’t stop playing in his downtown bonanza if he tried? I low key like this sloppy heaux.
  6. What T-rex mated with Benzino’s mother to conjure up his no neck short arm ass?
  7. Does Karlie Redd believe she has actual talent?

Please lovelies feel free to speak your piece in the comments. As always to share is to care and hashish!

3 Responses to “Pop Culture Wednesday: The Miseducation of Mimi…Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 7 Review”
  1. *Yoles* says:

    i dont watch the show but your questions…

    btw i heard years ago that stevie is bisexual.. i am starting to believe its true.. all the women i know that have been with bi dudes including the stella got her groove back chick says they are magical in the bed… mark my words…

    • Faith M. says:

      Hola Yoles,

      Quiet as it’s kept I have heard the same damn thing about Steebie J and bi-men. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grown up was A-mazing considering the women almost falling at his feet. I do not need to be caught up in that rapture tho…I will keep my distance.

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