Pop Culture Wednesday: The Demise of Male/Female Relations – Love & Hip Hop Episode 6 Review

“One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others. By the time I finish my song?”

It’s no secret out here on these e-streets that I love a ratchet television show. So it should come as no surprise that I’m living for Love & Hip Hop ATL. Keeping it 100 that hasish is a ball of total tomfuckery and I loves every single minute of it each and EV-VERY Monday! Cable inventors had this show in mind when they created the DVR so I could rewind live TV and hear Mamma Dee call Diamond’s Pucci into question, Joseph Josaline lisp mumble through life, and listen in as K. Michelle reads Karlee Redd’s lopsided arse all up and down the streets of Atlanta. iLive and iLove! Considering the lack of steady male cast I quickly decided Scrappy would be my homie. I was riding with him through putting dem paws on Steebie J but this Buckey business is looping me through an emotional rollercoaster, mostly because I rides so hard for Erica. She is a friend in my head…a close friend.

Scrappy and Erica represent everything that’s foul with male/female relations. EV-VERYTHING! Don’t fret I will break the hashish all the way down. Erica opened her bed but not her full heart back to a man that left her for a gutter bish. This is a no no. Never ever ever exist as someone’s definite when he is your possible. I know it’s complicated because they share a child but yeah so the eff what. Existing as a man’s definite when he’s your possible will result in hurt feelings and place one more coin in your bitter bish piggy bank, trust. Second the stench of Scrappy’s past indiscretions lingered into their current situation. Erica never fully built the bridge and walked over her pain. She harbored her verklempt feelings and let them seep out in her actions, withholding the secks affection. Look no further than the asthma attack incident as proof of a guarded heart. Cold Blooded! Most folks would jump out of bed even with a jump off and see him to the hospital if he woke up having trouble breathing, not that I thought Scrappy’s arse was on his deathbed. Mamma Dee is a dramatic bish, right?

Since the Diamond fiasco Scrappy hasn’t been Team Erica. It’s sad too because she’s held him down at his lowest. She’s his comfort zone when ish gets real but not his choice for the good times. In my mind the person who lifts you when you’re down should be the one you reward with the happy days. Some men have trouble comprehending this point. Not that they have to because so many chicks will allow a selfish man to spring board in and out of their lives praying and waiting for the sanity anvil to land on his head that never does. To add hot grease to the skillet, Scrappy moves to the next bish but continues to feed sweet nothings to Erica at the same damn time. This is a violation that menfolk are notorious for doing that will ruffle even the most sensible bish’s feathers. If you want another chick be adult enough to give it to me straight. There’s nothing cute about stringing a bish along and peaking up the skirt of the next trick while you decide who you want. That is the definition of selfish. And I find this behavior hootlarious from men because they’re incapable of handling the receiving end of this equation. Trust an emotionally verklempt man is far worse than a woman…emotionally verklempt men shoot innocent folk.

But this isn’t the icing on the cake, after dogging out a ride or die chick, Scrappy has the nerve to come back and not only act stoopid about his past indiscretions but suggest leniency on child support. What part of the man game is this? I’m sorry but any man who knowingly fails to take care of his offspring should kill himself. I’m so sincere here. Let me be crystal clear, children are their parents’ responsibility and that responsibility is both financial and emotional. Both are oh so necessary to see a child through until adulthood. If you don’t want that life do something to prevent it. Point! Blank! Period! This nation of mama’s baby papa’s maybe needs to turn it’s self all the way round.

From this point forward I can’t rock with Scappy. He sailed off the friendship island with this week’s shenanigans. And that clip of next week when he’s talking to Buckey about getting his lawyer on Erica for not signing the child support papers and Bucky agrees only proves the lows hoes will slip to, to keep a peen in their mouths. I have very little respect for a tramp who doesn’t know her place in the world. If you’re a girlfriend converted jump off, lay low and let the fish grease cool before adding anything to the mix. I fully blame men for allowing gutter butts to see the light of day. Once those sluts were seen in the daylight hours they ran with that hashish and now they think they have the right to sit at the table with real chicks. Disrespectful!

The demise of Scrappy and Erica’s relationship is on both of their heads but Scrappy makes it so easy to blame most of it on him. His behavior is so typical of what women see on these dating and mating streets, sadly. I still hold out hope that true men exist out here. Anywho what says you, what are your thoughts on the male/female dating dynamic. Speak on it and as always to share is to care.

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  1. My Mom recommended this blog, and she is completely right.
    keep up all your excellent work!

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