Monday Ranting: Playing Catch Up

I think I can I think I can I think I can…get back into blogging!

Of late I’ve been so consumed with life that I haven’t placed my full energy into blogging. I scrapped no less than 20 unfit postings because they felt stale, uninspired and/or downright craptastic. My apologies and many thanks to all the folk who reached out to find out if I was ok. I thoroughly appreciated the electronic kicks in the bum semi forcing me off my lazy arse. What I will tell you is that during my hiatus I’ve been having an absolute blast at work and at play.

On the work front remember when I told you lovelies of my dream job…well that dream has partially come true. My calculated risk, taking a few steps backward to jump forward has truly paid off and I’m right where I should have been two years ago today. That probably only half makes sense but ‘tis true. Believe that a bi-coastal living is not that far from the horizon. Some things you must speak into existence. Two years ago I spoke life to the professional life space I needed for equal parts enjoyment and sanity. Today I have just that. I’m blessed and highly favored! Just know that with the new position you will probably hear me allude to NYC, LA, and Orlando a whole lot…take from that whatever you will.

On a side note I finally believe I put Insomnia to bed. Every once in again I’ll have a restless night but nothing like the tragedy when I worked as a consultant.

Work recently took me to LA where I got a chance to hang out with Model Friend. She is so very LA now, but in a good way. Not a pretentious LA import trying to be something other than what she is way. She finally seems right in her skin there, where it’s not that she lives in LA but that LA is now her home. That was the first thing I noticed. The second, she lobbed off or more accurately had an amazing stylist lob off some of her locks and is rocking a blond/black Grace Jones-esque fade…in her words BOMB! I concur it does look freakishly fierce.

We had an amazing time running around Melrose trying futilely to find sneakers for The Little Sister. The highlight or lowlight Tyler the Creator nearly side swiping me on his skateboard before we entered a skater/clothing/sneaker store called Supreme. This was all in the pursuit of my sister’s sneakers that we sadly never found. TLS should thank me royally having nearly lost a teat for her. There was this cool vintage store where I found a fantabulous red leather bomber jacket that unfortunately the midgets put the kibosh on rendering it utterly un-purchase-able. I cried little baby tears knowing someone will procure and not look nearly as kool kid in my jacket. VANITY!!!!

My absolute favorite part of visiting LA aside from meeting Model Friend’s chica in arms, a British import I will forever refer to as London Bridges and gets all the credit for my continual use of bum, arse and rubbish, was chatting it up with two little boys who were astonished that I was all of their fingers times 3. It was priceless watching their eyes grow wide as I demonstrated the phenomenon that is my age. I too sometimes wonder how it’s possible. Counting small blessings that I don’t look my age. During the trip a security guard explained to my business partners that if I were under age I could get in free. Oh the pure hilarity of that when I was in fact there to be introduced to the team I will lead. These African American genes are the hashish and cheese grits…but I digress.

Oh and for the old heads in the room I also briefly saw Cochise from Cooley High…BOOM!

Anywho on the personal front I have been enjoying the company of….men! Let me tell you this has been a most interesting dating and mating season in the life o’ Faith. Some I could have definitely done without but as Grannie Frannie says people are in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. Most of these mofos I’d chalk up to a season. But my damn what a season it’s been. And honestly it ain’t even over yet. Let me just give you a snippet of the actual factuals because as you lovelies know I don’t discuss my dating and mating in any detail round these parts to protect the innocent! I will let it slip that I have spent some considerable time with an A-mazing member of my past life space so honorably named, Traffic Court. In turn I’ve spent just as much if not more time with someone I’ll call The Prototype…how this plays out remains to be seen. Traffic Court will always hold a special place in my heart but I know that he’s just a damn good time…a dayum good time. He is blessed!

On an even more positive note friends of The Little Brother, or TLB as he is affectionately known round these parts, is doing quite well. He recently had a kidney transplant and received the green light that he will be dialysis free going forward. This has been a 7-year battle not just for my brother but also for our family. Frankly speaking I don’t know a person more deserving of a new lease on life than TLB. Of course I am biased. And how could I forget to mention that The Little Sister graduated from college and secured a pretty fantabulous job. She’s stacking dollars to get her own place and a car at the same damn time. I expect the shoe to fall at some point because things can’t go this well for long…you know just how life goes really.

So peoples you’re pretty much caught up on all things Faith since last we spoke…and yes I will be back to the regularly scheduled shenanigans program…if studying doesn’t impair me. Thanks for swinging by my space. Leave a comment if the mood so strikes because as always to share is to care and hashish!

2 Responses to “Monday Ranting: Playing Catch Up”
  1. Holli says:

    You are a rising star Faith! Keep that in mind as you navigate the corporate jungle.

    • Faith M. says:

      Thanks kindly Holli Bean…I don’t know why I am called you that but I will continue unless you tell me to stop. You too are a star on the rise…I see you!

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