Just My Thoughts on Think Like a Man

For those out of the know, and I say that because I feel like I’ve seen advertisements since last summer, Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man was adapted into a movie. Now I’m sure the naysayers will complain about Steve’s dated quasi chauvinistic dating and mating rules but I honestly don’t find them all that craptastic. Granted that doesn’t mean I’m riding hard for his philosophy. Amid the ratchet there are hidden pockets of truth. Some feel Steve depicts the modern man as a primate only interested in the secks, sports and money. I’m not one of those people. He also insists that women need to work on not allowing men to be jerks. While I don’t particularly agree I’m not going to throw a tantrum because the bald long suit wonder believes it to be true.

If you’re looking to discover some unknown dating and mating gem, Think Like a Man isn’t the place. If you’re looking for male and female eye candy of the chocolate persuasion and a tickle to that bone called funny, this is your movie. And even though Steve’s not dropping real world relationship knowledge, it damn sure serves as a conversation starter. Let us examine a couple of the “rules” Mr. Harvey outlines.

Hold off 90 days before giving away the pucci!

Arbitrary rules about secks are just that, arbitrary. This is one of those things that in theory makes perfect sense but has no real world application. Here’s the thing having the secks with someone shouldn’t be regulated to a specific timeframe. One should entertain hitching a ride on the downtown bonanza once one is ready to partake in such festivities. But Steve’s reasoning behind this random timeframe tied to Ford Motor’s employment probation period is valid. Yeah I said valid. Word? Word!

Dig it, Steve’s intention was simple, if your point of dating a man is to build a lasting relationship you should take some time to get to know said man to determine whether his solder’s worthy to invade vagisthan. That is no way discounts the heaux free spirited secksually revolutionized woman. Sweetie freely sharing the pucci with whomever you deem deserving is all the way your business but be mindful you get out what you put in. If you treat your body like a subway train don’t expect anything more than random passengers. This is not to say that first date secks doesn’t morph into full fledged relationships but I’d bet my next pay check that’s the exception and not the rule.

Men date women with standards so get some!

Now that right there upsets chicks quicker than making them run outside in the rain fresh out of the salon. Yes yes shots were in fact fired. Why was it so upsetting? Because it makes chicks take responsibility for their actions and we know how adverse folks are to taking ownership of their hashish. Ladies before you revoke my free access pass to ovary town please hear me out. Many times women overlook the man men present for a number of reasons. In this act of overlooking you neglect the standards you set for yourself. In that respect you have no one but yourself to blame when your boo-thang of the moment treats you poorly. Remember most people reveal who they truly are it’s up to you to believe him the first time…not the 41st time. I’m just saying. For instance if a man is a known liar, cheater, and openly gives no shyts about his offspring what in the blue blazes makes you think your pucci will turn him right? Do yourself and your friends a favor, run for the mutha-effing hills. That in no way excuses arsehole behavior. I truly believe men should be decent folk without the subtle or blatant manipulation of others, but maybe they’re incapable…me no know!

Additionally Steve and I must be defining men differently because I don’t think that all men, meaning those having male genitalia, are looking for women, those possessing woman parts, with standards. Hell women aren’t always looking for men with standards hence the whole OPP generation of ours. Do I think that certain kinds of men at certain periods in their lives prefer women with standard? Yes! But I also believe that those very same men at other periods in their lives preferred chicks making it clap. And those very same men who happened upon a woman of standard pushed her to the side, rebuked her publicly, or strung her along while popping, locking, and dropping it like it’s hot with chicks of ill repute. Steve and his nightgown tux can take that hashish and smoke it!

I don’t say that to mean chicks of standard shouldn’t know how to get it popping. Being a woman comes with a built in multitasking arsenal, use it wisely.

Men operate under the 3 P’s of love and not one of them is pucci!

Profess, Provide & Protect. I didn’t see much of any of this in the movie with the exception of professing so I won’t delve into the others. I can get with Steve on the professing thing and here’s why. In my mind if you’re unable or unwilling to verbalize to friends, family and the free world what another person is to you, that person is probably just another non mutha effing factor. Name introductions with no titles are synonymous with friend, chick I’m secksing and/or homegirl. None of which speak life to a relationship or the ultimate title of wife, if that’s what you’re playing for. Know your part and play it well.

So in parts Steve ‘s advice ain’t horrible. Before real world application I’d definitely run it by gentlemen with whom you keep close company to get their honest opinion on the dating and mating practices of those with peen. But what says you, have you seen the movie? Please spill the likes, dislikes and all the in betweens. As always to share is to care and hashish!

2 Responses to “Just My Thoughts on Think Like a Man”
  1. dewangibson says:

    It’s been awhile! Welcome back to blogging:)

    • Faith M. says:

      Thanks, hibernation is a wonderful place…I will not claim to be really back but we shall see.

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