Pop Culture Wednesday: What’s Monogamy Got to Do With It?

THIS brings me life every Wednesday evening at 9PM...DMX is pure enter-damn-tainment!!!!!

Last week a FB homie sent me this message, “I don’t know if you’ve been watching the smoldering hellscape that is VH1’s Couples Therapy but if not, I think it’s worth 45 minutes of your day.” With an endorsement like that how could I go wrong? Of course it didn’t take much persuasion really after learning that DMX would be half of one of the couples. My life space swelled with such happiness knowing without even seeing that he would bring a level of ratchet to the show only an ex crack head delivers. I sat on the edge of my seat at work envisioning the shenanigans I’d witness later that evening. And I definitely wasn’t let down. DMX strolled into therapy with a half empty bottle of Hennessey in one hand and a rolling suitcase in the other. If that ain’t the way to get the party started I don’t know what is.

No big surprise DMX’ couple issue, his inability to keep his d*ck in his pants, his words not mine. This affliction is not uncommon. At one point I think he told his wife that he would continue to eff as many chicks as he could until his d*ck fell off. Seriously? Seriously! The women were horriprised but for some odd reason the camera never panned over the reactions of the men. I can only imagine they were smirking in agreement but would never utter the words to their significant others. I’m not sure which one of those positions is worse. I mean you have to give it to DMX for his unfiltered honesty, even if it’s drug induced. Right? Maybe!

Not that I think all men cheat. To be clear I don’t. I am however completely sure there is nothing better than pucci except new pucci. Or so I hear…and since Very Smart Brothas has taught me to only take men at face value that has to be the solemn truth Ruth. I buy into the concept; it’s the same logic I use for the purchase of new shoes. Of course my shoe affliction addiction never creates a situation where my boo-thang may find it perfectly reasonable to throw a bottle of Ciroc at my head. I’m not speaking from experience…I hear things.

To the point…what does monogamy have to do with love? DMX said that his effing of other pucci has nothing to do with the love he feels for his wife. Dude Logic? Yo no se! It seems to be a common theme among men folk who separate love from lovemaking. Clearly secks does not love make. On some level I agree…if you didn’t love someone prior to sleeping with him, having the secks shouldn’t change your mind. You can of course fall in love with the peen following a romp…a path often traveled, #teamsprung and boom!

Love should be an emotion uncomplicated by bedroom gymnastics. Easier said than done I know. Don’t get me wrong I believe the secks can be an expression of one’s love for another but that’s when you start from a position of love first not the other way round. Chicks sometimes get this positioning confused. Most of the female persuasion assume that love and monogamy are synonyms. However there are females who accept relationships with revolving doors, the Evelyn Lozadas of the world. Excessive cash flow tends to be involved in these pairings, but I’m not calling you a gold digger. Of course there are women who fully encourage this behavior because they too partake in OPP. Different strokes for different folks!

But let’s talk about the love equals monogamy female. The equation looks something like this secks + love = monogamy. In her mind your love wouldn’t allow you to dip into other waters. Love is the invisible stronghold that keeps her panties on in the presence of potentials. There also exists a level of possession that fembots invent for the men they allow to enter their walls. Consider it a consequence of the good good. Men haphazardly fall into this cocoon because they want to continue the seckscapades even if they don’t fully believe in the above-mentioned equation. Pucci is a dangerous drug! Pulling out prematurely may stop the world from spinning…or so I’ve been told.

I’m not saying folks of the ovarian persuasion are wrong. On some level if you’re secksing and playing house there should be a level of monogamous commitment. However there has to be an agreement of words not some unspoken conversation. Unspoken conversations exist in the land where relationships go to die. Men sometimes sneak in new pucci clauses in the monogamy contract called marriage that their wives know nothing about because of unspoken conversations. Not saying that’s what DMX did because he appears to have let the dog off the leash from day one.

To be perfectly honest I have no qualms with the new pucci theory so many men implore. I even understand it. And I know the truth much like waking to find someone’s name carved into your leather seats, hurts… but my dude be effing honest. My issue is the inability of men to speak life to their philosophy opting instead to lead women down a painful path to the world of crazy. Considering the drop kicks men deliver over the course of relationships women aren’t that fragile. You can freely share that you’ll never do monogamy. Some simpletons will still sign up for your rollercoaster because futilely trying to change men is their bees knees and others just dig the game. The supply of simpletons and sloppy heauxs are endless so there will always be new pucci making lying completely unnecessary. Ironically or not the men who fully submerge themselves in the new pucci game are the very same folk who go apeshyt when the shoe is on the other foot. Two cannot play that game because dudes are the epitome of giving what they can’t take, word is bond.

Bottom line, own your hashish, if monogamy ain’t your twist put that book on the table from the door. While everyone enjoys a suspenseful twist no one likes plot holes.

So what says you, what’s monogamy got to do with love? Everything and Nothing! As always to share is to care and hashish

5 Responses to “Pop Culture Wednesday: What’s Monogamy Got to Do With It?”
  1. i signed up for AND quit this show all in 1 episode. when dmx starting using eggs & cereal as a metaphor for sex & love i knew my TV wouldn’t survive this hootnanny w/out me throwing a “bottle of ciroc” at it. i paid too much money for this set to murder it in misplaced disgust.

    • Faith M. says:

      LOL if you can get beyond DMX’ shenanigans the show isn’t that bad. I prefer it to say Basketball Wives. Yes I know that’s not really saying much. Ok, I’m going back to my hibernation nest.

  2. LMichelle says:

    If more women attempt to cut the peens off when they go astray, men will think twice about double dipping, or atleast become better at covering their tracks…

    Society (aka the patriarchy structure, plus a lot of women) accepted the phrase “men cheat”, and have kind just shrugged their shoulders at it. I’m telling you, I think more women should start going apeshit when they find out their man has been creepin. Instead, they get press conferences…

    • Faith M. says:

      LOL I too believe more women should go apeshyt when men behave badly. Maybe in the aggregate this will curb their poor behavior…I’ll have to give some serious thought to that. I don’t know how likely it is though, we have a very stand by your man society and if you couple that with thirsty bishes men just stay winning.

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