Pop Culture Wednesday: Jay-Z Sings Glory and The Crowds Go Crazy

They just exude star power and shyt money, of this I'm 82.7% positive!

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t mention that Bey, the queen of slaying bargain bin bishes, and Jay, the world’s most famous camel second only to Joe Cool, had a baby. They named their princess, Blue Ivy Carter, clearly pointing to their use of the coloreds that read good naming almanac. During the naming process an angel lost his wings but at least all the words were spelled correctly. And in the twenty twelve that’s all we can expect. Rightly or unrightly so, the interweb has been abuzz with Jay being famed as the second coming of Bill Cosby. Ascending to father of the year status in less than a week is quite the feat but he’s also half the genetic code of a child-god, no baby Jesus, so I guess it only makes sense. Right? Right! Well actually not really. I mean the dedication song, Glory, is knocking, not quite as fantabulous as Zion but damn close. Song aside there’s no proof that Jay is father of the millennium so what’s the dealio with the enon tabernacle Ecclesiastes fellowship bible Baptist praise-a-thon?

Congratulating is difficult for some. I know it agitates the colon of haters to admit when someone does something so fantabulous it shyts on the competition. Believe me Keri Hilson is in a basement poking holes in a Beyonce voodoo doll. Knowing that, I was a little taken aback by the quick rise to duty of webfolks to designate Jay an amazing pappy. Not that he won’t be the absolute definition of a doting dad, quite honestly he’s had several years of making it rain on these heaux, which clearly translates to becoming the dad any little girl would love. It’s the blueprint, no? Champagne baths aside Jay created a song for his newborn that really is the bees knees. Its so genuine and heartfelt and just screams hug me. This is the emotional enthusiasm I expect from all parents.

It’s not uncommon for parental units to create something artistic for their newborn children. Since Jay and Bey are both recording artists this outpouring neither shocks nor surprises me. I’m slightly confused why folks think this denotes parenting skills though. Slap me if I’m wrong parenting hasn’t actually taken place yet. We can’t measure how well he’s raised his daughter she’s fresh out the cooter. She hasn’t had an opportunity to throw shade on her lineage or dishonor her throne. I’m just saying before we start handing out trophies for top flight parenting of the world we must first see some evidence of Beyonce’s husband’s skills. His big ego got us to this point but it can’t carry the torch.

My other issue, well not really an issue as much as an observation, so now we celebrate that Jay loves his kid. It’s like you love your daughter, AMAZING! No seriously I can’t believe you love your kid. For a minute I thought you were going to just piss on her existence but nah you’re doing the damn thing and caring about your progeny. You totally deserve my FB thumbs up. WTH part of the game is this? Is it because in some spaces of society momma’s baby daddy’s maybe is a way of life that when a man steps up and pours out emotion for his kid we just go apeshyt? Don’t get me wrong parenting is the hardest thankless job next to teaching and should be celebrated with it’s own Macy’s Day Parade but he hasn’t reached that pinnacle yet. And not for nothing that level of praise should definitely be reserved for folks who know his dad abilities not the nameless faceless interweb masses riding his sack harder than a jockey.

Part of this rubs up against my distaste for folks who fish for praise for being parents. First off let’s not act like you cured cancer, to become a parent is technically not that difficult. I won’t go into the logistics I trust you folks already know about the secks. Second taking care of your kids is your muthaeffing responsibility. What do you want a cookie or something? Lastly spending time, checking homework, cooking dinner, and providing guidance is not going above and beyond the call of duty. If you didn’t get the memo it’s called parenting 101, rejoice and be glad in it. Not that you shouldn’t get a pat on the back once in awhile but I really think raising a productive, respectful, responsible citizen should be all the reward you need. It screams job well done. Admittedly I may feel differently when I pop one out, yo no se.

Tangent…possibly! Anywho I truly believe Glory is a frigging haute song. It will probably go down as one of my rap favorites. And since I’ve been in my J Cole bag for a minute I feel I have enough real hip-hop cred to say that, this week. But none of that makes me sing Jay’s parenting praises from the rooftop. He should love his daughter. She’s his for goodness sakes. We have some time to evaluate his parenting skills or lack there of before awarding him something he hasn’t earned. All that’s left really, where is the picture of the baby? Here’s to hoping she’s a tall cup of those House of Derion chicks with a touch of Hov.

What says you, any thoughts on the baby of the year? As always to share is to care and hashish!

7 Responses to “Pop Culture Wednesday: Jay-Z Sings Glory and The Crowds Go Crazy”
  1. T.Blake says:

    Baby of the year and the year is young still

  2. cardiogirl says:

    Alrighty, as you know I have three kids so I feel like I can address the parenthood issue.

    This really, really grinds my gears (to borrow a phrase from Family Guy.) ANY father who shows ANY interest in their OWN KID seems to be lauded as Super Father.

    The expectation, of course, is that the mother will be there no matter what. But does she get any acknowledgment? No. She’s SUPPOSED to do that so when she does, she’s simply doing what she SHOULD do.

    But when a man changes a diaper, stays active in the kid’s life or feeds the baby everyone around him starts handing out awards. The kid is HIS. He SHOULD help out. This should be a basic expectation just like it is for the mother.

    Or, everyone should be jacked and thrilled that the MOTHER is taking care of the kid.

    Just gotta share one more thought.

    It took two days in the hospital to get my first kid out. It wasn’t a hairy ordeal, it just took a lot of work to make labor kick in. They tried a method, waited 12 hours to see if it would work and when it didn’t they tried the next thing and waited 12 hours. Rinse and repeat.

    My husband was there as long as I was. Yes, he had to sleep in an uncomfortable chair that was a faux recliner. My mother and his mother couldn’t be more amazed that he stayed with me the entire time.

    WTF? It’s HIS KID! Why didn’t I get kudos for staying there the whole time?

    I’m with you 100% — Mr. Z needs to show some sustained interest and active participation for more than four days before I’m giving him any sort of award.

    • Faith M. says:

      Nail meet hammer…he has to show sustained interest and active participation for more than four days before he gets any kind of award.

  3. hey girl, hey!

    1. the song is mediocre at best. the caliber of lyricist jay usedtawuz before watch the throne & maybe even before the black album in triplicate or something…he slept. hard. on his own kid’s song. as me & the booski discussed, he shoulda kept that tween him & bey. but that’s just my/our humble opinion.

    2. your whole 1st paragraph is the reason why i write. you kilt that!!

    3. i’ll be addressing the child’s name on Sunday, but you hit the nail on the head with this ridiculous party thrown over the 2 people who are NOT the 1st to discover incredible love for their children. child birth ain’t no regular day at the office & the emotions 1 feels when a human being emerges from the goodie gap are too much to even encapsulate. there are no awards passed out for parenting when you are a…parent.

    perhaps it’s the sad truth that so many with children DON’T parent that the assumption that someone will is cause for us to set off fireworks displays & plan picnics in their honor that end in ‘teenth. #shrug

    a’ight…i’m gone so i can post this on my fb page. thanks for tonight’s reading!!

    • Faith M. says:

      I have to now agree that the song is not that great. After the hype-ness of the event wore off I have yet to listen to it again. I stand corrected. LOL! We all makes mistake and hashish.

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