Monday Ranting: Men Have Feelings Too…

Maybe there's a tiny baby inside all men just wanting to no know!

A few weeks back Model Friend sent an e-mail with a link attached to an article I can only describe as a chick pandering to crying men…I kid I kid…slightly. As we know emoting men sit way low on my give an ef radar. Maybe I suffer from one or two of Dr. Tara’s list of 25 don’ts…nah I’m not an irrational gold digger. Anywho the premise of the post, men just like women have feelings and those feelings warrant acknowledgement. That I have no problem with, I mean men are human and deserve to be treated with equal amounts of respect, love, and affection. Despite the whining overtones and the odd pro testosterone ranting there were a couple of gems that I truly believe women need to learn before entering any adult relationship.

Of all the advice delivered by Dr. Tara none more than 21 sings to my soul. It is neither “normal” nor “acceptable” adult female behavior to throw temper tantrums, withhold sex, cry, rage, pout, have disproportionate reactions to events or be unable to control emotions and behaviors. As much as I dislike overly emotional men there is a special place in Satan’s lair for adult women with the emotional/behavioral barometer of teenagers. There is absolutely no excuse for a sloppy heaux. Unless alcohol induced, tears and tantrums are for toddlers. Bottom line grow the ef up boo boo!

Unlike Dr. Tara, minus the raging and tantrums, I don’t consider any of this behavior abusive, just hella annoying. I’m a chick and I don’t do annoying very well so I know this particular brand of banshee drives men up the wall. It could explain why some men tune women out when they talk. Not that I’m advocating ignoring women, because I’m not. What I am advocating is chicks understanding there are situations that require an emotional response and some that don’t. This in no way means bottling your feelings and existing as a female Spock, it simply means extra dramatic behavior is unacceptable. For instance crying because you’re told no is ridonkulous. I don’t give two damns why your Present told you no but tearing up because you know men are uncomfortable with female watershed is manipulative. If you’re incapable of presenting a logical argument to change his decision maybe you need more people, me no know!

Don’t get me wrong men know how to work a nerve better than the most annoying child. No offense but sometimes dude behavior is so outrageously stupid I’m shocked they walk and chew gum without choking. This is no way makes it appropriate to top that level of stupidity with an equally if not more stupid dramatic display. It just doesn’t. No ma’am! No ma’am! No MA’AM!!!! Trust straight jackets come in various sizes and mental institutions are accepting applications. I’m just saying.

Color me naïve but why are chicks out here trading blows with men? Check out 19. It’s outside my realm of coherence the rhyme or reason a female comes to fisticuffs with a man. Yes this includes throwing objects and/or damaging personal property. It also screams inappropriate emotional response. I do understand the passionate nature of romantic relationships and sometimes we are all consumed. I’ve been there and have envisioned swinging a baseball bat at kneecaps a time or two. Don’t judge me but I’m sane enough to realize it’s wrong and I don’t want to be hit back. See that right there is real, I’m sure y’all saw those pictures of Rihanna. Not that she struck first or what he did was right. But men in general hit hard and unless you can take a punch I don’t suggest violence, its bad for your complexion, trust me. We’re socialized to chastise men for hitting women; the same rules apply to chicks. Putting your hands on a man ain’t what it’s made for.

With that said, the thorn in my side with this post, the overwhelming gold digger theme. Not that I sit in the stands and cheer for raggedy, lazy bishes, because I don’t. I’m of the opinion that unless you have some impairment your arse needs to work. However if a man is stupid enough to wife a pretty, jobless, talentless, lazy bish why is that her fault? Clearly she’s working her best asset, literally. I mean it’s not like gold diggers are hard to spot. Chicks of the gold digging variety aren’t ninjas or magicians. They aren’t hiding in plain sight or creating mystifying illusions. These chicks are vocal and very much at the forefront of all social interactions. Unfortunately men are fooled very easily by T&A and that’s no one’s fault but their own. Maybe if they took some time to look beyond a big butt and a smile they’d fare way better. Of course it’s my opinion, and this is where the author and me may differ, that men enjoy crazy, overly emotional, psycho chicks. A lot of the time those types happen to live in the bodies of gold diggers, but that’s a post for another day.

What says you, any response to the 25 don’ts for women in relationships? Are there things that women should consider before entering into their next relationship? Any warming signs for men of the types of women to avoid? Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Tara and/or me if so why? As always to share is to care and hashish!

2 Responses to “Monday Ranting: Men Have Feelings Too…”
  1. There’s something EVERYONE should pay attention to before making a relationship official: your instincts. Don’t ignore the red flags. Believe it or not, people tell you all about themselves in the beginning. We just have to know how to recognize it.

    If a woman tells a man that she has issues with herself, he should keep moving. I tried to change someone like that, and all I did was get held to the standards of previous ex-boyfriends. My thoughtful, premeditated acts of kindness were looked at as “plottin”, and I never had a chance.

    Ladies, if a man tell you that he “hustles” for a living, and the “hustle” doesn’t have a name, keep moving. You’ll be sorry.


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