Pop Culture Wednesday: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil…

Penn State staff, Second Mile personnel and even State College area law enforcement clearly all decided to be sitting monkeys instead of doing what was right since 1998!

It should come as no surprise to anyone within a flea’s sneeze of a television, computer, or radio that Penn State has recently come under fire. Rightfully but under fire no less for the role some staff played in a sexual predator’s shenanigans. The story is scandalous in an icky nasty about the skin type of way. While I efs with a good uck up ripe with tomfoolery and buffoonery this one is massively wrong on so many levels. iCry for those poor unfortunate souls that went to a social program thinking they were going to meet someone who might uplift their underprivileged life space only to find a sexual deviant of the worse kind. What rips at my heart strings is the response from some ever faithful Penn Staters for the Joe Paternos of the crowd. Damn, I mean who’s crying a river for the kids, you know the real victims. Who the ef cares about some man older than time coaching football?

I take aim at the current and former students allowing their freak flag to fly in support of Joe Paterno. First off Rip Van Winkle JoePa has coached longer than I’ve been alive, isn’t it about time to take a seat \__ ← here’s a chair rest your calcifying bones, I mean seriously! Granted no one wants his legacy blemished by association but it’s not like Joe’s hand are clean. Silence signifies co-signage. It makes my stomach crawl knowing that several Penn State football staffers heard scuttlebutt or actually witnessed Jerry Sandusky behave in a sexually inappropriate way with children and did nothing more than notifying their supervisors. Hello what happened to authorities or a swift bat to the dome? Maybe I’m too violent!

Besides Jerry Sandusky himself, there’s a special seat in Satan’s lair for the individuals who physically saw Sandusky molesting children. Personally the ass-clowns need to be taken out and flogged. Is flogging even legal these days? If not it should be brought back as a special request for those MORONS! How does one walk into a shower room hear people having sex, turn around and see a man forcibly raping a 10-year-old boy, and simply walk away without saying or doing anything? Granted I’m not a fighter but I’ll be damn if I see someone hurting a child and just chuck the deuces. Reporting it to your supervisor isn’t enough. Seriously if someone witnessed a car jacking their first call would be the police. Last time I checked a piece of steel matters far less than an actual person. Folk truly have the game effed up.

Against my better judgment I read the grand jury report. Why? What in the absolute hell was I thinking? Once I started though I couldn’t stop. It was 23 pages of pure sickness. It recounted 8 unnamed victims accounts of sexual misconduct at the hands of Jerry Sandusky. And when I say recount I mean semi graphic detail about the perverted things this freak did to innocent children who felt obliged because of circumstance. I felt gross. No literally I felt like someone dropped a bucket of congealed chicken fat on my entire body. Jerry Sandusky and the bastards over at Penn State who did nothing while he fondled and sodomized children ought to be taken out and whipped with a cat of nine tails.

After reading the report I hoped that only 8 children suffered but in the back of my mind I knew there were more victims. Any pedophile with free access to children, other adults turning a blind eye, and a place to carry out his brand of love has more than 8 victims. How do I know this? Because I watch a lot of Special Victims Unit, no seriously someone this warped won’t/can’t contain himself. It is a neurotic addictive perversion that is only satisfied by shattering the innocence of a child. There isn’t a jail grimy enough for a person like Sandusky. The sad thing is he doesn’t even realize how inappropriate his behavior is or how he’s hurt other people.

When I came home from jury duty yesterday, I will fill you in on my adventures with the Philadelphia criminal justice system next week, not shocking in the least 10 additional victims surfaced. Are you surprised? Not really, yea me either. What did shock me though was Sandusky actually talking to Bob Costas on NBC denying his pedophilic nature. However he admits that he horsed around, showered after workouts, hugged, and touched boys’ legs without intent of sexual contact. Bob said with this much smoke there must be fire. I absolutely agree. Its not that there are so many alleged victims it’s the totality of what the boys recounted along with the patterns outlined. Victims who had no knowledge of each other speak to very similar acts.

I struggled through the interview especially listening to Sandusky’s responses to Costas’ questions. At one point Sandusky said, “I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped…” Uhhhhh what the fuck does that mean? Excuse my french but I have to ask it again, what the fuck does that mean? He didn’t seek out every young person for sexual needs, isn’t that admitting that he has sexual needs he’d like some children to satisfy? Even more disturbing his extended pause after Costas asked if he’s sexually attracted to young boys. My dude this shouldn’t require any thought. If someone asked me that hashish I’d give him a Kimbo Slice cock-eyed side eye and say are you kidding I would never. But see I know no one would ever come to me with that dumb shyt because it is so far outside of my character. What irks my life space even more though, the silence of Penn State staff, Second Mile personnel and even State College area law enforcement that knew about Sandusky’s perverted ass as far back as 1998. I wonder how many less victims we’d have if someone actually did their damn job?

What says you folks, any thoughts on the whole situation? As always to share is to care and hashish!

3 Responses to “Pop Culture Wednesday: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil…”
  1. cardiogirl says:

    I had to stop reading to quote this line:

    isn’t it about time to take a seat \__ ← here’s a chair rest your calcifying bones

    Fell off the chair laughing on that one! Excellent job.

    I actually caught a snippet of that Bob Costas interview on Hard Ball last night (love the name of that show, btw) and Bob asked him if he was attracted to young boys. Sandusky actually restated the question, hemmed and hawed and basically said he enjoys spending time with boys but he doesn’t find them attractive.

    Uh, what? Shouldn’t the first word out of your mouth — without thinking — be, “No.”? (No idea how to punctuate that sentence.)

    Oy, what a mess.

    • Faith M. says:

      Hola CG,

      I believe a part of me is a masochist because I watched the whole Hard Ball (fantabulous name, no?) interview in utter horriprise. Most things don’t shock me but I just don’t understand why Sandusky’s attorney would allow him to to such and interview if he hadn’t prepped him. I mean the very very very crystal clear answer to that question is no, the fact that he had to think about it proves his guilt to me. Normal people don’t have to think about whether they’re attracted to children. And the answer he gave skeeved me out even more, he enjoys children. Who says stuff like that.

      I’m guessing you missed the part where he says taking showers with young boys could be inappropriate and maybe he shouldn’t have done that. I sincerely hope that he goes to jail and learns the meaning of don’t drop the soap. I envision lawsuits in the future for both the State College area Police and Penn State. Bad job all around for those guys, bad job all around.

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