Monday Ranting: Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number…

If we take the whole fame thing out of this equation he just looks like a pervert doesn't he...oh maybe not I mean he is the Arrah!!!

With our gray shaded legal system the notion of what constitutes a child versus what constitutes an adult is beyond blurry. In some instances the shade is so very gray that it’s impossible to tell one from the other. Considering that the age of consent is set by the state and not the federali, one can actually commit a crime in PA, cross the state lines into NJ and with that same act not commit a crime. CRAY…CRAY…CRAZY! It might be beneficial to officially etch a line in the sand identifying exactly where adulthood begins and childhood ends. And while I agree that the totally grayed out area between the two creates hella issues, I recognize that this matter will never be black and white.

Mr. Money Earnin’ and I have gone back back back and forth about this issue until we’re both fit to be tired. Ok I might be speaking solely for me. Not to steal his thunder his position consent to a chexual act should be defined by the family of the persons involved. If not there should be a universal age that defines adulthood versus childhood. While I don’t agree with his first assertion (I’ll explain later) I definitely see the appeal of having one age we can all agree signifies an adult.

On its face defining the age when someone gravitates from childhood to adulthood should be relatively easy, right? Is it 16? 18? 21? Yo no se…in some instances a 16-year-old is totally capable of making a respectable decision yet I know for sure if I needed advice a 16-year-old would be one of my last resorts. I’m just saying teenagers aren’t known for their sound judgment. There’s psychology to support that late adolescence, 16-20, involves rash behavior due in large part to the social and emotional part of the brain (amygdale) developing faster than the cognitive portion of the brain (frontal cortex). Basically you understand how you feel and how to interact with others but you have very little impulse control, if this ain’t the definition of a teenager I don’t know what is.

Since we can’t perform individual brain scans to determine when one attains social/emotional/rational maturity as a society we have to define the age when most reach the pinnacle and even still review each case that comes before us on an individual basis. Por ejemplo, although a child as young as 9 in PA can be tried as an adult in no way means that every child before the court at 9 gets charged as an adult. See the logic, love the logic. Not to mention kids much like snowflakes aren’t identical. For every mature 15-year-old there are probably 1000 more that are equally if not more immature.

As the young female poet, Aaliyah, once sang age ain’t nothing but a number. If only that were true! Since we just kicked the actual factuals a bit about child development, let’s sashay a little further. When does a kid develop the where with all to decide to serve hot chex on a platter? Does this mental/chexual maturity pop into their bodies at 12? 14? 16? Also does it make a difference if the teen decides to chex another teen or an adult? Parents might take offense to this but I’ll say it anyway, if your 14-year-old daughter drops it like it’s hot for her 15-year-old boyfriend I don’t think her boyfriend violated any laws. Children are for the most part socialized amongst their similarly aged peers and exploring their sexuality with each other is a natural part of life.

Do I like the idea of 14-year-olds popping on a handstand, not particularly but to deny it happens would be naïve. Now if your hot in the pants arse 14-year-old daughter willingly submits to a zoom zoom in her boom boom with a gent around the age of 21 someone needs to grab a bat and practice their swing. Do you really believe a 14-year-old is thinking at the same level as a 21-year-old? I don’t know maybe some of you do. In my honest opinion there’s a ginormous difference between 14 and 21 besides a mere 7 years. It’s a helluva lot different than 30 and 37, if you don’t see that I truly understand why we aren’t winning as a society. While I totally appreciate a schoolgirl crush, I can’t fathom the fascination the other way round, I mean at 21 there wasn’t nary a thing a 14-year-old could do for me besides sell me a piece of candy from the school fundraiser.

Now back to Mr. Money Earnin’ for a second. Part of his original argument was to allow the family of the individuals involved to determine the proper age of consent. In theory I sort of dig this right, who better to know the maturity level of their child but the village that raised her. In this utopia we all self govern and do the right thing as defined by the nation of us. Unfortunately much like my homie Lord Acton said, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If left to our own devices people are liable to do just about anything, this is why I have a problem with the let’s rock out with our cock out mentality. Take everything else off the table and isolate this issue as purely chex between two people. Who’s to say that a family won’t decide that it’s perfectly ok for a 10 year old to willingly submit to chex with her 30-year-old uncle. Oh don’t worry they’re on that govern thyself steez so everything’s 100! No repercussions right because the family deemed this behavior acceptable. Yeah…NO! I’m not about that life.

While I agree that there needs to be a bit more uniformity amongst the states the notion that we solve this issue by allowing everyone to pretty much do what they want seems just as bad as the status quo. And I do agree that charging a 20-year-old man with statutory rape for sleeping with his 17-year-old girlfriend seems excessive and should be thought about with some common sense. That doesn’t mean we should be any less vigilant about protecting children from perverts. What says you, how do you feel about the age of consent? Do you think there should be a universal age used to identify adulthood? Are parents/families the best judges to determine consent for their children? Do you subscribe to the theory that age ain’t nothing but a number? As always to share is to care and hashish!

One Response to “Monday Ranting: Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number…”
  1. And I do agree that charging a 20-year-old man with statutory rape for sleeping with his 17-year-old girlfriend seems excessive and should be thought about with some common sense. That doesn’t mean we should be any less vigilant about protecting children from perverts.”—Really fair point. There are many, ahem, “advanced” teen girls who probably are not going to have any psychological mess-up because they dated a guy 2 or 3 yrs older than them who just happened to be over the age line. Nor does it make that man a pervert. But not every teen is the same, and not every situation is the same. Handle with care! Great post!

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