Monday Ranting: Adventures in LA LA Land…

I snapped this picture as we were leaving Venice Beach! I don't know why I like it but I do!

So blog peoples I’m on holiday but I’ll be back Wednesday. For some reason I love the Brits version of vakay more than our Americanized vacation. Being on holiday sounds all types of fantabulous like you’re charting a boat and sailing this big wide world. While vacation just sounds like you went to the Poconos. Not that the Poconos isn’t A-mazing in it’s own right…hell I made a boy into a man there but I digress. Model Friend lives where the beautiful people are, naturally, so I came out to chillax and hashish.

Aside from seeing my very good friend I also avoided Mom Natcha’ splashing her particular brand of crazy all over the east coast. Texts from my peeps back home keep coming in calling me a lucky biotch. And you know what…I am but not for the reasons they’re thinking. Model Friend gets me on a level that not a lot of other people do…friendship is one of those true gems that God put here to make up for a lot of other bullshyt that comes with living life.

On a side note to this post besides Model Friend’s cat being a pervert…I swear I was a victim of feline rape over the weekend, I’ve concluded that Wander is absolutely right my friends are a stone cold bunch of weirdos….but I effs with them heavy! LOL I’m still in a holiday state of mind folks excuse my random.

I’m off to see Rodeo Drive and other random touristy hashish before scurrying back to Hollywood Blvd. Please enjoy some of my random pics from LA so far!!!

The man in this shop told me that if you sell the mary jane money really does grow on trees...think about it!

I feel really bad for those 3 underwhelming scrippas!!!

I found this mural in a vintage t-shirt shop in old Hollywood...

Venice Beach sign is better at night but I liked this looking up photo...

You can't really do Venice without checking out the skaters...loving his MJ throw back glove!!!


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