Dating & Mating: The Good Girl Haphazard Hoe Dynamic

Which one are you? Does this even really exist? Would the combination be purple...I'm just curious!

As a single chica out here in these Illadelphian streets I’m always way curious about the dating and mating practices of my cohorts. I enjoy kicking the dating actual factuals. It’s just good conversation all around especially if you engage the ear and mind of intelligent folk. Over the past couple of weeks I had separate conversations with two polar opposite males about the whole good girl bad girl conundrum. Each had different but strong views about the subject.

Male Homie Numero Uno basically said that good girls are wack, wack being the technical term in case you were curious. I’d take offense if I weren’t so conceited. His description forgive my paraphrasing, good girls are boring Sunday school teachers. BBM Sad Face! This is in stark contrast to Male Homie Numero Dos who said that good girls are honest; take care of themselves and the people around them. I prefer this to the wackness. Of course Numero Dos hit me with the caveat if said good girl were to graze in his field she absolutely must drop and give him fifty o____O!

And there you have it folks, gents don’t do it for the beauty they do it for the booty!

Men outwardly desire a woman who surfaces thoughts of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…in their moms. Yet behind closed doors that same woman who hoodwinked mama must live a six-inch uck me pump wearing, chandelier swinging, handstand-popping life. She exists as an introverted freak if you will. So basically the age-old adage stands, lady in the streets but freak in the sheets. Damn a woman’s job is never done.

But pressure busts pipes. The burden of performing the dynamic duo named above may or may not be the cause of premature wrinkles, yo no se. I have no study to confirm this. Balancing the two extremes can be nerve wrecking for the modern day superwoman.

Of course I can sympathize with men wanting to have a combination of the two as opposed to just one. Remember one is the loneliest number and two is a pair. I even somewhat understand men’s fondness of whores. Whores are fun in the beginning I’m sure. They swarm around ta tas saluting commanding the attention of everyone in a room, even other chicks. Women spot prowling sluts faster than men, call it hoe-dar if you will. And these slores ooze untamed excitement. THAT is hella enticing. If you bottled the essence it would be A-mazing, no Strangé!

Unfortunately there is a down side. What goes up must always come down and hashish. These bad girls tend to share their badness freely with anyone willing. No bueno! Believe me these chicks don’t cook scrambled eggs and turkey bacon on Sunday mornings after an apocalypse a hurricane, but that probably doesn’t matter much. Converting hoes to housewives is a trial in futility. Not impossible but highly improbable. The other way round a much easier feat or so I’m told.

Running theory suggests awakening in a good girl the things that church, her parents and/or society taught her are wrong doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Any red blooded man willing to put in the effort to rub coal to a gem can and will tackle the beast. Why? Because it’s in his best interest, he’ll get the mama-approved apple pie backing girl wonder who rocks an apron with thigh highs and a bustier underneath. WINNING!!!! Women are natural pleasers…something about socialization.

iStruggle with this manic depressive relationship mostly because I have trouble slotting chicks into two mutually exclusive categories. Nothing in life is ever that black and white. So to me this dichotomy really doesn’t exist! In my mind at least most of the women I know are not the cookie cutter vanilla flavor the “good” girl seems to embody. And well hoes will be hoes, there isn’t much we can do or say about them. I’d argue that most women are someplace betwixt the dynamic and therefore right where men want them to be naturally. Although I don’t date women and can only speak for the chicks with whom I keep company. Jaded? Potentially, or maybe my friends are the exceptions to an age-old rule and this dynamic continues today all around me and I’m utterly oblivious.

What says you folks, are women either good or bad girls? Do you believe that the unicorns that balance the two extremes are few and far between? My chicas, how do you define yourself and my dudes, which one of the two holds your attention? As always to share is to care and hashish!

2 Responses to “Dating & Mating: The Good Girl Haphazard Hoe Dynamic”
  1. *Yoles* says:

    if i had to marginalize myself.. i would say i am more of a bad girl with a good girl halo… i do what i want, when i want, to whom i want and in whatever fashion i want.. but i have a sweet, friendly, engaging personality which affords me the ability to slip by the “hoe” label… or as i saw somewhere online

    You’re not a ho if no one knows… 😉

    • Faith M. says:

      Hey Girl Hey,

      Actually I don’t think that defines you as a bad girl…but it could be my warped interpretation of what I think a bad girl is (read hoe). Sounds to me like you’re pretty much like all the rest of the chicks I know outside the innawebs. You are free to share and not share yourself with whomever you like in whatever fashion you like but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows your business. Discretion is a word outside of the bad girl vocabulary.

      Besides you are like a pocket full of sunshine and I’d find it difficult to describe you any other way.

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